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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Essential Oils and the Flu

This flu going around is being classified as an epidemic. I am going to save the debate on getting or not getting the flu shot for another time! What I do want to talk about are natural ways that you can keep you and your family healthy during cold & flu season!

Pure Essential Oils work WITH your body. They help aide your body to do what it knows to do naturally. So, in my home, when we feel even the slightest inkling of a cold coming on, we 'Bomb It Out' with a Flu Bomb - not a Flu Shot! It is natural and we know what we are putting into our body.

For my husband and I, we take our flu bomb in capsule form! Lemon, Melaleuca and Oregano. And, if we think we need an extra boost, I throw some Frankincense in too!

Oregano is nature's #1 antibiotic and Lemon's properties including being anti-fungal, anti-viral and an antioxidant. Melaleuca is a very powerful antimicrobial activity against all three of the infectious organisms: Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi!

Of course, we all know prevention is key, right? And dōTERRA also has a wonderful essential oil blend that has not let my family down yet! It is called OnGuard! Friends and family who are using report no sickness or, if someone has come down with something, an incredibly shortened time is spent battling the bug!

OnGuard is an immunity blend that contains pure oils of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus & Rosemary! We use OnGuard in my household to help PREVENT cooties, germs, cold and flu bugs! Especially during cold and flu season, we apply this oil to ourselves at least every other day, if not every day. My husband likes to just put it right on his tongue [god bless him!]. I dab it on the bottoms of my feet and for my little guy, I do the same. Sometimes I apply it along his spine and massage it in.

So, why the feet or spine?

When you place a PURE essential oil on the bottoms of your feet, it takes 30 seconds to enter your blood stream and begin working. Sure beats the 20+ minutes some meds take, huh? Your spine is also a great place because of all the nerve endings located there. Along the spine we have a higher amount of neurological and arterial activity. This concentrated activity creates greater blood flow and absorption capabilities, which allow for great distribution and heightened function of the essential oil.

When I apply oils along the spine, I use them with coconut oil to help cover the larger area.

Some other rockin' tid-bits about OnGuard:
  • Proven to KILL MRSA! In a study done by researched Jennifer Eddins, OnGuard successful killed off a MRSA sample in a petrie dish after just ONE application and kept it dead for 7 days without reapplication!
  • A school in Utah was having excessive students out sick due to a flu bug. They set up diffusers to run OnGuard in hopes of clearing out the flu bug. OnGuard wiped the school so clean it was discovered nothing survived in the chemistry lab - all petrie dishes wiped clean!!
  • And OnGuard doesn't stop there! It is safe to use in your homemade household cleaners. I have a bottle of water with OnGuard and Lemon in it and I use it as my multipurpose and counter top cleaner.
  • When you have company over and someone is sick, run OnGuard in a diffuser to eliminate nasty pathogens that may be floating around in the air contaminating everyone.
As you can tell, in my house, we LOVE our essential oils. For more info on them, check out my Facebook page! And don't forget, if you are interested, I am having a webinar this evening on how you can use essential oils to help with mood management! Register for it here! It starts at 9pm est.


Amy said...

No flu here yet and I KNOW it's because of our oils! LOVE THEM!!!!

Susan said...

I so prefer natural remedies--I have lupus and have to watch "reactions" to medications, especially antibiotics. Love your suggestions; stay well, XOXO