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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Potty Patch - Does it Work!?

Well, now that the consumer product test I did for Channel 19 news has aired, I can delve a little deeper into it from my prospective!

When news crew arrived, I met them outside with Mossy tautly on his leash; I think they were a little taken back by my "puppy"! But I did tell them up front is was in the 70# range!

Of course they came into my house, something I knew would mortify my mother; My house being filmed to be aired on public television!

As soon as my husband realized they were indeed filming, I heard the tractor rumble and glanced back to see him high-tail it through the orchard! "Geee, thanks!"

So my dogs being the spazzing canines they are, had to be on their leashes initially in the house so not to scare away the news crew! [I swear they are calm when we don't have visitors!] After we did the filming inside the home, they asked for some footage of me outside walking the dogs....

Walking is a concept we're still trying to grasp when both dogs go on a "walk" together! So, I had Whinny on one leash, hacking, gagging and foaming at the mouth, unaware that the harder she pulled, the worse her choker collar would tighten. And then there was Mossy, just running in circles, tangling everything that came within 5 feet of his leash. *sigh* I told the news reporter she may get some calls from upset viewers thinking I was mishandling my dogs, what with one choking herself because the only way her owner can manage semi-control is with a choke collar...not to mention her houdini-istic routine of slipping a regular collar.

After our 'walk', we set up the hidden camera to try and catch one of them in action using the potty patch....or in my eyes, chewing the potty patch! I know my dogs!!

After a few days and no accidents whatsoever, the Potty Patch was starting to fall apart and litter my mudroom floor! Not to mention Mossy had no desire to even step on it whatsoever the first day or so.

Then, finally, an accident! But...not.....on...the...Potty Patch!

So I filmed crap on my carpet for the entire viewing audience to see!! Yes, I could feel my mother cringing at the thought!

To find out how the rest of the test went, follow this link for the full news story!

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