"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up on Monday

Well, it is Monday and I feel like poo! I wonder if it is because the baby knows it is a Monday and it hates them too?

Anyways, we had a rather 'ah-hem' eventful weekend so let me recap, shall I.

Girls night out for dinner and a movie with my mom and sisters. I get a call from Allen a tad over a hour before the movie is to start. I am a good 45 minutes from home and without my car (since we car pooled to the movies). He is ranting and raving that he has been trying to catch Daisy in the pasture for 45 minutes and he cannot get her. He doesn't know what to do and he "isn't standing out there all night". I say, "leave her, throw her some hay and I will bring her in when I get home".

Now, it is probably 30 minutes before the movie is going to start and he calls screaming even more like a lunatic that he stayed out there trying to catch her, she still won't come in and now he is upset that she cannot see good in the dark with the fly mask on and coyotes might get her when she is eating her hay and not paying attention. At this point, among other things he was explaining, I gave it more of a rational thought and know that she now knows how to get through the fencing if she really wants. My concern became that she'd get upset being out there by herself in the dark, get worked up, possibly work herself into a colic and/or go through the fence because she was upset and alone. And I knew one thing, I sure has heck didn't want to come home to a colicing Donkey or a loose Donkey lost in the night somewhere. So....I opted to have my sisters drive me to my car so I could go home. And yes, they all thought I was a nut!

Needless to say, Allen wasn't exaggerating too much. Daisy was upset about something and it even took me an hour to catch her. Yes, there I was, in the dark, by light of the moon, in the pasture, weird animal noises coming from the woods, trying to sweet talk a mini donkey with attitude. *sigh*

See Exhibit A below :) We picked up more hay and borrowed a hay wagon from our hay supplier to get more home. Allen was proud his ol' Dodge could still haul all that. The wagon was not made for the road so we drove at exactly 11mph and a 20 minute trip took us well over an hour. It was exhausting and I didn't even do anything!

After unloading the hay, Allen was backing the wagon back out into the driveway and ran over one of our cistern lids with his truck. :/ I think I was supposed to be watching but instead I was watching that he didn't jack knife the wagon. Well, when I did turn to watch the lid, I discovered it was already crumbled into 900 million cement pieces...half of which FELL into the cistern *sigh again* We tried to replace this lid once before it came to this and we cannot find the proper one to fit.

So here we are, Monday evening. It is insanely hot out again, 91*. Totally uncalled for if you ask me. And I am in the house eating Ramen noodles since I can stomach them and I HAVE to eat before I go out to clean stalls. Life is a Peach! Gone are the days of eating when I had the time ;)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just another morning...

Yesterday I had to go to my second doctor's appointment. It was almost 8am and I was just about ready to hit the road. All I needed to do was brush my hair and change out of my pj's.

I swear if this child comes out normal it will be a miracle.

5 minutes before I have to leave I hear the dogs causing a ruckus; I figure there is some normal daily chaos with the cat about who is allowed to look at who. The next thing I know, the dogs blew through the patio screen door because stupid hillbillies neighbor dog was dumping yet another toxic load in our yard. So here I am prego, braless in pj's and muck boots and still need to brush my hair, screaming trying to break up a fricking dog fight. Then I had to spend another 20 minutes chasing Whinny's butt all over gods creation. How do I finally catch her? I say "Whinny, let's go bye bye" and she runs straight home and stand next to Allen's truck. (Allen was already gone at work his in work vehicle. Trust me, I called him. He can't really help me from work!) By the time I got in the dang car, I was flustered, sweaty and 'discombobulated'!

So - then at ultrasound the doctor says "Oh look the baby is all content and snuggled and quiet, how cute" and I said, "Well can we make sure it is breathing? After the morning I just had, it could have already had a stroke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I don't think she understood my humor ;)

In any event, the baby did start doing what appeared to be back flips and it was pretty cool to see....especially since I cannot feel it yet. Her is a pic of the little one if you can make it out.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Orchard Help

The 'Farm Manager', Savannah, likes to help pick apples!

On a side note, I am a tad sadden at the way our apple crop is looking this year :( But, I guess you'll have that when working with mother nature.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Simple Trip

**Warning: This post may make you want to puke!**

Today I had the day to myself. Normally I would spend it having some TLC time with the horses or cleaning up around the house. Maybe canning some fruit from the orchard [it's impatiently waiting for me].

Instead, since all of the above these days takes a weeks worth of my energy, I decided to call up one of my sisters to go shopping. We made it through one store and I was toast :( Seriously. Ugh.
As we were driving home, we she was making casual conversation with me while I tried to calm my ever upset stomach with rice cakes that were packed for my one year old niece! At one point in the conversation, as she tells it, I casually asked her if she had a plastic bag. She opened the glove box, handed me a bag and I proceeded to throw up in it! In my eyes, I felt as though I puked my guts out. Then, as a trained RN and mommy of a one year old would, she calmly handed me a wipey and went about the drive as if I wasn't even sitting there with bloodshot teary eyes, [probably] drool on me somewhere and holding a plastic bag of puke!!

And that, my friends, is how I hang now a days!

Thanks Mal! What a sis ;)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I need suggestions!

Do you use some kind of food mill for some of your canning purposes? If so, which kind? What one? What brand? Where can I get it? Why do you like it? What do you most use it for?

I have a 'Meat Grinder' attachement for my Kitchen Aide mixer, but if I understand correctly, to use it [correctly] for fruit, there is another piece I need to buy to attach to that.

HELP! I cannot keep hand peeling apples.....I'll have stubs by the time I have to start changing diapers :0

Monday, August 16, 2010

'Manew de la Pumpkin Patch'

I call this 'Manew de la Pumpkin Patch'....or in other words, a big ass pumpkin patch that grew out of our manure pile out back! Assuming it started from last seasons pumpkins that we tossed in there after they shriveled! But seriously, these pictures do it no justice....it is huge, coming out of the maure pile and wrapped around it at all angles like an octopus!

This sucker was the biggest one we found thus far :) How exciting!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Random Saturday Ramblings

Today my day starting by Allen saying to me "Why don't you get out of bed and try to do something!" Hmmmmmm, maybe because I am pregnant and feel like I have a permanent hangover! In any event, he was right. The horses needs baths but it was TOO hot out for that just yet; too hot for me - let me clarify ;)

I decided to pick the 'snack apples' off the tree in our front yard and do something with them. They are SO good. I have no idea what kind of apple they really are and since they are pretty small in size, I call them a 'snack' apple. My nephew Benny was over the other night eating them like candy!

These beauties are super sweet and have a rosy tint to their flesh.

I felt like I was going to die after just picking enough to fill a 1/4 of the basket. Gosh, this prego thing really kicks my A!

One thing about these buggers being so small is that is was almost a waste of time to peel them on the apple peeler so I did them all by hand. It took me ALL DAY LONG. Yes, I had to periodically sit down and.....nap, but I started picking at noon and finished about 6:30ish maybe? 7 maybe. All for 6 pints of sweet applesauce! I cannot tell you my secrets to making it so delish ;)
Seriously though, did I mention being prego kicks my butt? Last year I would stand in the kitchen all day long, forget to eat and just can can can away. Today, I think I took a break from peeling before carpel tunnel set in and fell asleep on the couch for longer than I care to mention.

Then there is THIS one! He knows as soon as I bring a bushel basket in the house!! He undoubtedly ALWAYS picks the nicest looking apple out of the basket and takes off with it. Actually I think he got away with 5 this time before I got them all into the sink.
Dang, look at those claws! Would you believe I just clipped his nails about 2 weeks ago? Maybe he is taking pre-natal vitamins too?

No one gets HIS apples!

And this one.....she just makes herself at home anywhere she likes! Is that lipstick she is wearing??

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I know my husband had a right to eat, but must EVERYTHING he cooks gag me to death?

Ok, I know we live in a ranch so it isn't easy to get away from the smells coming from the kitchen; even in the bedroom with the door closed, but geshhhhh, did he really need to make some kind of frozen pot roast deluxe when the smell of water makes me puke?

Who would have thought frozen pizza had a 'smell'? Or frozen jalapeno poppers? Or opening the fridge in general?

I know the man has a right to eat, but why can't he live on bread, cream of wheat, oatmeal and cereal WITH me for cryin' out loud?

Today & yesterday I had jury duty. I was dreading it at first, but found the experience pleasantly interesting......that is except for the coffee they had to brew in the juror's room, the man next to me in the juror box who insisted on breathing with his mouth open and eating what I believe to be raw garlic and onion for lunch and then, of course, during deliberations, they ordered PIZZA. My god....PIZZA....one of the things I am having the most hard time with. Which is odd because normally I can scarf down a pie like no ones business.

And the nerve of the court house to offer Pepsi in their vending machines instead of Coke. Pfffft!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Canning 101

We have veggies EVERYWHERE right now, and as I may have mentioned, the slightest glance in their direction makes me want to hurl due to my current state :/ But we've worked too hard at growing this year to let them all go to waste! So, today had been a Canning 101 lesson for the hubby. Boy has this been an experience ;)
Here he is preparing his peppers; we/he canned Chicken -heart peppers, Fluorescent Purple Peppers and Banana Peppers.

And then we/he started on our 100 million gazillion pounds of pickles!

The man used a dinner plate as his cutting board :/

Finished Pepper Products; he continually walks by to admire his work.

And I am at the kitchen table giving directions.....like this. Because as soon as he starting smashing garlic and bringing out pickling spices, I was done. BARF!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Check...and check again

I realize many of you may give me a crazy look when I ask you what is wrong with this picture?
Ok, so nothing looks wrong to you (unless you know me and my 'children')
Here is another hint - what is missing in this picture?

If you guess the donkey, you'd be correct! Go back to the first picture and notice that she somehow, magically, got herself successfully out of her pasture with Romeo and into the neighboring pasture with the big horses, Apollo & Gypsy.

I normally do not let the little ones run with the big ones just because when they get wound up and rambunctious and start throwing play bucks, one kick from Apollo on one of my little ones and that could be it! I just don't take the chance.....although clearly, there doesn't seem to be any concern that there is a little donkey hiding in the tall brush in picture #1!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pluggin' Along

Well, tomorrow marks 9 weeks for me. I am feeling better, but not myself still. Food is hit or miss which stinks since we have OODLES of things in the garden needing canned. I cannot bring myself, or my stomach, to do it. Hubby is going to attempt some things over the weekend with my instruction from another room.......a room far away from the kitchen ;) Ugh.
Our transparent apple tree produced a whole one apple this year ;( My current blog banner is just one bushel of many from the tree last year. It certainly isn't going to be a banner year for apples this season, but we'll still have a decent amount I think.
Here are a few pics of things going on around the farm. To my Harvest Monday friends, sorry I have deserted ya! I just cannot 'stomach' it right now ;)



Peace, Love & a Donkey!