"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up on Monday

Well, it is Monday and I feel like poo! I wonder if it is because the baby knows it is a Monday and it hates them too?

Anyways, we had a rather 'ah-hem' eventful weekend so let me recap, shall I.

Girls night out for dinner and a movie with my mom and sisters. I get a call from Allen a tad over a hour before the movie is to start. I am a good 45 minutes from home and without my car (since we car pooled to the movies). He is ranting and raving that he has been trying to catch Daisy in the pasture for 45 minutes and he cannot get her. He doesn't know what to do and he "isn't standing out there all night". I say, "leave her, throw her some hay and I will bring her in when I get home".

Now, it is probably 30 minutes before the movie is going to start and he calls screaming even more like a lunatic that he stayed out there trying to catch her, she still won't come in and now he is upset that she cannot see good in the dark with the fly mask on and coyotes might get her when she is eating her hay and not paying attention. At this point, among other things he was explaining, I gave it more of a rational thought and know that she now knows how to get through the fencing if she really wants. My concern became that she'd get upset being out there by herself in the dark, get worked up, possibly work herself into a colic and/or go through the fence because she was upset and alone. And I knew one thing, I sure has heck didn't want to come home to a colicing Donkey or a loose Donkey lost in the night somewhere. So....I opted to have my sisters drive me to my car so I could go home. And yes, they all thought I was a nut!

Needless to say, Allen wasn't exaggerating too much. Daisy was upset about something and it even took me an hour to catch her. Yes, there I was, in the dark, by light of the moon, in the pasture, weird animal noises coming from the woods, trying to sweet talk a mini donkey with attitude. *sigh*

See Exhibit A below :) We picked up more hay and borrowed a hay wagon from our hay supplier to get more home. Allen was proud his ol' Dodge could still haul all that. The wagon was not made for the road so we drove at exactly 11mph and a 20 minute trip took us well over an hour. It was exhausting and I didn't even do anything!

After unloading the hay, Allen was backing the wagon back out into the driveway and ran over one of our cistern lids with his truck. :/ I think I was supposed to be watching but instead I was watching that he didn't jack knife the wagon. Well, when I did turn to watch the lid, I discovered it was already crumbled into 900 million cement pieces...half of which FELL into the cistern *sigh again* We tried to replace this lid once before it came to this and we cannot find the proper one to fit.

So here we are, Monday evening. It is insanely hot out again, 91*. Totally uncalled for if you ask me. And I am in the house eating Ramen noodles since I can stomach them and I HAVE to eat before I go out to clean stalls. Life is a Peach! Gone are the days of eating when I had the time ;)


meemsnyc said...

Sorry you had to miss your movie so you could catch Daisy. :(

suzanne said...

Good evening Allison

My what drama..Daisy better know how much you both love her~! Andrew and I did some pigeon rescuing last night. I had two day old babies sleeping close to my skin to keep them warm. Waking up every couple of hours is something I have forgotten about...pure exhaustion today! Congratulations on your win over at Susans blog..

Please send me your Address again Allison. I would love to send you something for your little one.

Lots of love