"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award!

Well. Thank you SO much to Tanya from the blog Keeping Things Simple! She awarded me with the 'Beautiful Blogger Award' yesterday!

Tradition goes with this award, to present it to 15 blogs that I feel are 'Beautiful'! And to tell you 7 things about myself!

15 Blogs I Love to Read that are Beautiful [inside & out!]
and for those who may see themselves on this list before I get to email you, SURPRISE!
  1. A Day in the Country

  2. A Girl, A Market, A Meal

  3. Bounty Huntress

  4. Daphne's Dandelions

  5. Dirt Happy

  6. Down in the Meadow

  7. Greens & Jeans

  8. Lancaster Art
  9. Little House on the Southern Prairie

  10. The Prairie Girl

  11. Progressive Pioneer

  12. Rurally Screwed

  13. Squash Blossom Farm

  14. Throwback at Trapper Creek

  15. The Unusually Unusual Farmchick

And 7 Things About Me [that you may or may not already know!]

  1. Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday!

  2. My sisters & mom took me to Salem, MA for a bachelorette party! [woo-hoo!]

  3. I pierced my belly button when I was in high school and 18.....and still have the ring in! Something about not being able to let go.........

  4. My mom says when I was younger I wanted to be Amish ... I say it was probably because they had horses ;)

  5. I have an unhealthy obsession with Hot Cheetos....in fact, I am eating a bag right now.

  6. I don't think there are any teeth left in my mouth that haven't been root canaled :(

  7. I haven't had a hair cut since December :/

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's 1am - Do you know where YOUR horses are?

If I was answering this question, this morning at 1am, my answer would be 'Uh, in the barn?' and the sheriff standing at my back door while I am in my nightgown would say something like 'Do you have a brown and white pony about this high? I just tried to chase him and another one but couldn't get them'. PANIC - sheer panic engulfs me and I throw on my muck boots and a flannel over my nightgown that was hanging by the back door and dart out to search for them. The sheriff is trying to tell me where he last saw them. He tells me they are ok and not to panic....and it seems he thinks they are ok because they ran from him. REALLY? Let me let you in on a little secret....that means NOTHING!

So, the sheriff leaves, which I then later realize I should have asked him to stay and help with some spotlights and walk us to where he last saw them. I am running through my orchard to the back of our property because the sheriff mentioned a pond; although there are ponds all around us, for some reason my intuition told me it was the 'secret' pond all the way back in the woods. My intuition was wrong. [Shocking] I sent a text to my horse friend, Lauren, with a message that read exactly like this 'lauren get up cops were at my door daisy and romw eo aee gone'.....that last part was supposed to read 'romeo are gone'!

She calls me - she knows me - she knew I would be a sheer mess of hot panic. And I was. I was panicked I would never see Daisy and Romeo again...or that I would find them in the road. Or how would I even find them AT ALL? I was panicked I would fall into a pond I couldn't see because it was pitch black out and I am scared of water like that in the dark. I was scared because at this point, Allen left me to scour the streets in his work van with big headlights. I was scared because Allen claims he spotted a coyote about 75 pounds or so back there last week....and I was alone.....and Daisy still has her recovering Sarcoid 'wound'. And people out where I live own guns and guard dogs...and probably wouldn't hesitate to use them when they see a person meandering in their back yard with a flashlight in the middle of the night.

Eventually, Allen drives back through the orchard and meets me near the woods. There we are, probably about quarter to 2 in the morning, walking through the woods in our pjs and muck boots with ONE MEASLY PATHETICALLY lit flashlight, me shaking treats in a container, calling out for Daisy and Romeo. We walked through woods and a wheat field. We made our rounds through what seemed like 50 acres. We didn't find them at the pond. We trekked it back to the road and continued to follow it all the while scanning for any sign of them. Allen got back in his truck and I panicked at the road. It was then that I realized that Savannah had been following us THE WHOLE TIME and she continued to stay with me, in the road, in the woods and in the wheat fields, for the rest of the search! That darn cat! How could you not love her for this!

At this point, while standing in the road at the property dividing line between my neighbors and us, I panicked more. I decided I needed more info on the call that came in about them being loose because, at this point, we were looking for a needle in a haystack. I called the sheriff dispatch and the woman on the other end really told me nothing of any help. I then sent a text to my sister-in-law whose husband happens to be a sheriffs deputy, to see if he was on call or at work or whatever - ANYTHING that could help me! He wasn't. Then, I called dispatch again - at this point that operator was probably already referring to me as the crazy lady in the country whose horses were loose. I asked her to patch me through to the sheriff who was at my door so I could gather the info he had again in a more clear & coherent state of mind.

As I was waiting to be patched through, I looked down, and low and behold, it was like seeing a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It was a PILE OF FRESH HORSE MANURE.....and not just any horse manure, but manure too small to come from an Amish buggy horse, which only meant one thing. IT CAME FROM ONE OF MY MISSING CHILDREN!!!! They are here. Somewhere. Or, at least they were. Now, I am back on the phone with the sheriff who saw them and I could better understand where he found them before they ran off....which happened to be the neighbors house who I was standing right in front of! And call me crazy, because at this point I was anyways, but I swear Savannah kept looking in that direction...and they do have a pond. So I started beaming at Allen down the road in his work van with my flashlight. [You know, kinda like those people who direct in airplanes on runways with big lightening saber sticks?] He flashed his brights back at me [I guess that means 'I'm coming'] and he flew down the road and into our driveway.

I told him what the sheriff said and then said I have a hunch they are next door, come look with me. (Because I couldn't go alone for fear that the chow on that property would get out of her gate and get me! Or my babies!) So Allen drove his work van up the front yard and facing their property for a little more light. He took to one side of their pond, I took to the other and as I was spanning across the field, I spotted two HUGE ears in the shadows. DAISY! "Allen, it's her, I see her. Don't let her out of your sight!"

We then cross over into the next neighbors yard, who has one horse [who ironically never made a peep during the whole ordeal!] and Allen spots Romeo INSIDE their barn and Daisy on guard in front of the doorway (which was blocked by a tractor). As we approached, Daisy ran around back and into the barn through the back door and stood next to Romeo. I pretty much was able to walk right up to Romeo, halter him and breath a sigh of relief! [Good Boy!] Allen approached the back doorway of the barn and we tried to slowly, I stress the word S.L.O.W.L.Y., inch in on Daisy, but she bolted through an open man door. The next 20 minutes or so resulted in us taking turns holding Romeo and playing ring-around-the-barn trying to catch Daisy. (Mind you no neighbors ever woke up, turned on a light or came out to see the commotion!)

Finally, I told Allen to walk Romeo home. I had lost sight of Daisy and continued to shake my grain pail and scour the dark looking for her. Then, I hear Allen yell "Allllllisssssson!". Perfect, she followed them home, just as I had hoped. Turns out, she was standing right outside her stall door, but wouldn't go in. So, another 30 minutes or so ensued of playing ring-around-this-barn trying to get Daisy. At one point, I almost had her lured into the barn with the big horses. And at another point, she almost voluntarily put herself away, but then decided to go back out to the orchard for grass. It wasn't until she decided to go in the walk way between the 2 barns, where entrance to Romeo's stall is, that I came at her from one side, and Allen from the other, and I S.L.O.W.L.Y. lured her to me with grain all the while S.L.O.W.L.Y. draping the lead rope over her neck. GOT HER! OH THANK YOU SWEET JESUS THANK YOU!

So, you might ask, how long did this fiasco ensure? About 2-2.5 hours! We were back in bed around 3:30am

And you might ask, what about Lauren? Well, she ended up getting in her car and heading out to us to help search for them! She lives about 45-55 minutes away!! I called her before she got too far to tell her we found them, go home and back to bed!

And the million dollar question is....how in the heck did they get out in the first place? Seems someone kicked open the divider door between the two if them, which I can only them assume they started a spat with each other, in which someone kicked the gate to the outside, knocking it off the hinges, and then opening a doorway to the great unknown for them to explore.

And least we not forget, Daisy has made our heart skip a beat on one other occasion too. And, lets also not forget that almost one year ago, I was prompted to start this blog from this incident!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Harvest Monday, June 28

Things are coming along in the garden. We are at the point where it isn't a complete, frenzied onset of produce so if I see something but would rather wait for a few [i.e. Cucs] I can let them hang another few days until one another is ready.

I made some wonderful Basil Pesto with the Basil I have going in the herb garden and I tried a dip with Radishes. You can see those recipes here.

For this weeks totals:

A Head of Cauliflower weighing in at 1.517 pounds!
We like to fry ours up in a pan with butter and garlic.
Some Heirloom Red Onions weighing in at 2.43 oz

And 2 Pickeling Cucs weighing in at .448 Pounds!
I'll do these up in a Fridge Pickel style recipe

And in this pic, with my harvest, are some onion tops I trimmed and used some in a stirfry. I just also realized I completely forgot to record the broccoli we harvested Saturday! But it sure was tasty in the stirfry!

BONUS Harvest! Hubby found a Wild Raspberry bush on our property! How did we not see this before???

Check out what others harvested this week over at Daphne's Dandelions!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Pot Luck

This could quite possibly be the most handsome Hound you have ever laid eyes on!

I have been busy this week trying all kinds of new recipes; it would be wrong not to share with you!

This Homemade Pound Cake was simple and delish!!

I tried this Spicy Radish Crab Dip with our homegrown Easter Egg Radishes

And I have Basil growing like mad, so I made this Basil Pesto last night; I am so glad I have leftovers for lunch today!

Yeah....a decent size pickeling cuc has made it's debut!
It doesn't take much to get me excited I suppose ;)

And I cannot believe this delicious lil' morsel is having her first birthday this weekend! My sweet little baby pony....ok, maybe not my sweet lil' baby pony, but all the same!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Glimpse Into The Gardens...

Wild Daisy's at the entrance of one garden

An Onion coming in

Yellow Squash

Mammoth Snow Peas

The Pepper & Tomato Garden in the Orchard

Heirloom Tomato Blossoms

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Sarcoid - Days 4 & 5

Sunday was Day 4 of the treatment on Daisy's sarcoid. It was looking way better than I ever expected! It is hardening up (scabbing over) and she seems ok about me touching it. Note the shavings stuck on it - lol - she just HAS to roll while the paste is still wet *sigh*!

You can see in this pic below that near the bottom, there is a small, dark circl-ish spot. This is one of the 'lumps' that was not a full blown sarcoid but one Doc said had the potential to become one.
This picture, below, from Day 4 shows on much flat the area is - remember how far the sarcoid stuck out?

And now, below, is a pic prior to Day 5's evening treatment. (Taken on the cell cam). You can see it doesn't look as hard and it was starting to open. The small, dark circle-ish area from Day 4 pics has broken open and bled some. This morning, when I went out to feed, I noticed the large area was pussing some too. I know Doc said this would all happen and to leave it, not wipe anything, but I took that as it would happen to the actual sarcoid....not after the sarcoid fell off. So, I have sent Doc an email this morning to be sure this is still ok. And too see if I can wipe it off ;) In the mean time, tonight is scheduled to be the 6th and last treatment!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Harvest Monday, June 20

Welcome Harvest Monday! As usual, I harvested a ton of my herbs as I went through the week while I cooked. Some Dill in Fridge Pickels, Basil & Oregeo in pasta, Lemon Balm in my Sun Tea, Cilantro in my Kale/Rice/Chick Pea dish and the list goes on and on! I bet if I weighed my Parsely, it'd be 500 pounds!! Ok, maybe not 500 but.....

So this week, we harvested 5.82 oz and the last of our Easter Egg Radishes. Two bolted so I left them to go to seed and then I can collect them and replant next year. Any suggestions for what to make with these radishes? This is the first year we've grown them. My husband eats them raw but I'd like to do something else with them!

We also harvested more Broccoli, 3.32 oz. I cannot believe the Broccoli we are having this year! Our cauliflower is close too!

And now a question for all you 'Harvest Monday'ers' out there ;) How do you grow your carrots?

Our patch is full and I read that you should thin out to no less than 2" apart. Here is a stack of what my husband pulled last night as he thinned a few rows. There were already tasty little nibblers there!
Here's to a good week :) Stay cool out there!
Check out other gardeners harvests at Daphne's Dandelions!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lemon Balm Sun Tea

My Lemon Balm in the herb garden is starting to grow off the hook! I have been dying for some sun tea so I decided to steep some up and throw in sprigs of Lemon Balm. It turned out quite delish and was super easy! And refreshing and relaxing to enjoy on the patio :)

All you need is a sun tea pitcher or a glass jar with a lid.
Pour in 2 quarts of cold water. Add 5 tea bags to the water (I use regualr tea, but you could pick your poision) and also add about 6 sprigs of Lemon Balm. Screw the lid on and let it steep in the sun!

I set mine out early morning so it can steep all day. When the sun goes down, I bring it in and put it in the fridge overnight. Then, the following day I enjoy over ice.....and maybe with some liquor!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Sarcoid - Days 2 & 3

Days 2 & 3 of Daisy's Sarcoid treatment have gone exceptionally well....better than I was expecting! Doc said it will probably 'blow up, puss and drain' and we have had NONE of that. By turnout time on Day 2, the thing was literally gone!!! I am not sure if she rolled in the pasture and it just 'came off' or what, but no more 2 inch thing hanging off her side!

This picture is of Day 2 right before treatment. (Excuse the pics taken from the cell). It was still 'elevated' but not at all how it was prior. And she was ok with me dabbing more paste on. So, if it is sore or hurting, she wasn;t showing it. And, a bonus, the flys seem to stay away from it too!

This picture below is from this evening, Day 3. It is looking exceptionally well! You can see there are a few bits of shavings on it, but Doc said don't wash it or run anything off, just keep applying. So that is what I am doing. As a side note, all the 'white' fur you see is her winter coat still shedding. :( Mules shed later in the season than horses and poor Daisy probably felt like she was in a snow suit today as we hit 90* degrees! The small dark spot on the left is her one stich she needed after the biopsy!

And this is her Daddy giving his poor 'lil mule lots 'o lovin'.....because that is what he does best! And she LOVES it ;) Look at her face, she is saying to me "Eat your heart out!"

This link is an article I received in my weekly email last week, ironically enough, from Thehorse.com. Those POOR horses whose pictures are in the article -ugh, I cannot even imagine!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Refrigerator Pickels

I bought these cucs at a local farmers market last weekend with the intention of making fridge pickels with them....and I did! I used this recipe and made a few minor adjustments ;)

I used fresh dill because I have it growing out my ears. Dill should be the new Zucchini ;)

And I didn't have any coriander either!

But regardless, they turned out delicious! I am not big on sweet things, and though this calls for minimal sugar, I might even cut it back a tad more for my tastes! And, add about triple the garlic!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Sarcoid - Day 1

About a month an a half ago or so, we discovered a lump on Daisy's side. It was kinda like a pencil eraser, but a tad larger. It didn't seem to bother her and it wasn't pussing or oozing so I decided to monitor it and send a picture of it to my vet to see what he thought before I'd have him make a farm call.

I suspected, after some research and thumbing through my books, that it was a sarcoid. The vet thought it might also be an abscess from an old puncture wound. {puncture wound as in something tiny that we'd have never noticed and then it blew into something big} So, I treated it as an abscess and warm compressed it every evening in hopes that I'd get it to break, puss and heal on it's own. I did this for maybe two weeks to no avail so I took more photos and sent them off in an email to the vet. It was also growing in size. At this point, he agreed it was probably a sarcoid but he'd need to do a biopsy to be sure. Enter the farm call!

Boy was that a fun night. Trying to tranq a 300# mini mule is a lot harder than one would think and she ended up needed a little more of a dose than the vet estimated. She is just that bad ass....no pun intended ;) Don't let her size fool ya. So, to 'biopsy' her lump, the vet took what looked like a miniature apple corer and cored a nice chunk right outta the middle of the lump. He also took a second sample from nearby that was showing signs of also becoming something more. A quick stitch later and there she was, standing with a sleepy look on her face, wobbling like a drunk with her lower lip hanging and a touch of drool dropping out. Yes, it was a pathetic site to see for sure ;)

A week or so later, the results were in and they confirmed my guess; a Sarcoid. To best describe it {as other than gross} this is the terminology on the lab results:
Equine sarcoids are locally invasive tumors that may occur in multiple cutaneous sites but do not metastasize. Sarcoids occur most commonly in the skin of the head, legs and trunk and are often difficult to completely excise due to their invasive nature. Up to 50% of sarcoids recur locally following surgical excision. Bovine papillomavirus DNA has been demonstrated within neoplastic cells of sarcoids and these tumnors are thought to have a viral etiology"

So, for those of you who are not vets, this is the long and short of how my vet explained it to me. It is a form of cancer, but not the ugly type. I have to apply a paste to it 1x a day for 6 days and it should, during that period, inflame, puss and drain and then go away. Of all his clients that have used this paste, none of them have had the sarcoid come back.

So, he ordered the paste and I picked it up today on my way home from work. This evening Daisy had her first treatment. This is what the paste looks like; I had to apply it with a rubber glove. Usually I forgo the gloves for most things, but for this, the vet advised and even packed some with the paste for me ;)

And these are pics of the Sarcoid prior to the paste treatment. It is larger than a quarter and I can get my fingertips beneath it, between it and her skin. It is GROSS; it is like a mushroom cap growing on a stem, but thicker with a very short stem! It looks bloody, but really, it is not. The flys aggravate it to no avail when she is out. I have put Swat (a fly deterent for wounds) on it, but when she rolls and she is she is turned out, it does no go as she is just wiping it off!

The vet says nothing causes a Sarcoid; some horses (or in her case, mules!) are just prone to get them. It is almost like it is in their DNA and it is just a matter of time before it 'sprouts'. All I have to say, is thank goodness she'll be ok and it is not anything life threatening. And, thank goodness she doesn't have any like this poor horse....or goodness THIS poor horse....or good god this pooooor horse :(

PS: Guess I should have put the "don't read before lunch" disclaimer at the beginning of this blog post!

PSS: Stay tuned for updates on Days 2-6 of the treatment.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flowers on the Farm

Some of these photos looked better before I had to compress the size for uploading purposes! Oh Well. These are some photos I have snapped of Flowers on the Farm within the last week.

Anyone know what this one is? Heck, for all I know, it could be a yellow weed!
Tigerlilly - One of my favorite flowers

Wild Daisy's along the pasture fence

Wild Daisy's and Clover along the pasture fence

Monday, June 14, 2010

Harvest Monday

I'm participating in Daphne's Dandelions 'Harvest Monday'!

And I guess this would be our first official harvest for 2010.....minus the herbs. I am bad about tracking the herbs since a lot of the time I am just running out there snipping off some to throw into dinner. Although, yesterday, I took a huge bunch of Parsley to my mom.

.126# of Easter Egg Radish

We probably would have had a tad more but hubby ate one before I could weigh them in. Hence the greens with no Radish on the right!

.520# of Broccoli

Our Broccoli was starting to bolt and so we had to start harvesting.

And last, our Garlic Scapes came in at 1.83 oz.

And it is all still in the fridge waiting for me to decide what to do with it all tonight :)

If you have a recipe that uses scapes or radishes, please feel free to send my way! I also have Strawberries, Rhubarb and Bok Choy I purchased at a Farmer's Market this weekend that I need to cook up!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Goose

I mentioned at the end of my previous post that our hay pick-up trip had more of a story to come. And it involved an animal that looks identical to this one:

A Goose
*Ugh* For those of you that know me or have gathered from reading my blog, I have a fear of anything with feathers :/ I have gotten better with this fear in some instances. I can 'tolerate' the barn sparrows as long as they aren't dive bombing me. And I have been in a few situations where free range chickens are present and as long as they keep their distance, I am ok. Too bad this wasn't the case when we went to pick up hay Friday night.

So, we pull into the drive of this farm. This is the first time purchasing hay from them; they are an older couple. I did see 'the goose' when I stopped by the day prior to see about purchasing hay, however, it was off in the distance. So anyways, we pull in and it looks like no one is home? We had our 6 yr old niece, Valaree, and 3 yr old nephew, Austin, with us. Val and I went to the back door to see if anyone was home while Allen waited in the truck with Austin. As we were standing at the door knocking, I caught a glimpse of 'the goose' coming our way. OH $H!T!!! (I know, is this not ridiculous that a grown woman was panicking over a GOOSE!?)

So, before you know it, the freaking goose is coming at us. *Quack Quack QUACK!* I go into TOTAL panic mode and grab Valaree into a bear hug!? And, I stated yelling for Allen. (mind you, at this point, I noticed people were home. I could see them through the window, however, for some ungodly reason, they didn't hear us yelling, screaming, knocking and ringing the dang door bell). So, Allen runs up to us and gets in between us and the goose. For a split second, I thought to myself 'Allison, hold it together for cryin' out loud. You are causing a 6 yr old with no fear of feathered animals to completely freak out like you'......and then the goose starting trying to get at us THROUGH Allen and I said forget it. Time to loose the composure.

By now, it has turned into complete chaos. I kid you not. I am freaking out telling Allen to do something, Valaree is screaming (Austin is staring at all of us from his car seat thinking we're all lunatics) and Allen is trying to sway the goose away with his leg all the while banging on the door and yelling "HELLO...HELLLLLLO". Finally, right before I think I was about to stroke, Allen just yelled at me to open the door and go in; I hesitated for about .1 second and opened the door and went in with Valaree right up my behind. As we went in her flip flop got caught in the door and fell off. She started 'crying' that her flip flop was outside with the goose. OH WELL....the goose can have it because I sure as hell ain't opening the door for it. So now, the goose is still quacking at us, the people have FINALLY realized someone is IN their back sunroom and Allen walked back to his truck.

The woman comes back to see us [in her home] and feeling like a complete and ultimate a$$, I said "Hi, I am here to pick up hay. And......I apologize, I am afraid of birds and your goose was 'quacking' at me" I seriously think she thought a drunk girl and a 6 yr old showed up to rob them? To beg for a place to stay? To beg for a meal? All I know is, she certainly didn't think I was sane and normal and simply there to pick up hay! She said she'd get her shoes and be right back. In the mean time, the old farmer came out and proceeded to smile and walk outside. He motioned for us to follow and I said, "Sorry, I can't [pointing at the goose] I am afraid of birds!" He gave me the most bewildered look and continued over to Allen. The woman then came back with her shoes on, walked out to stand by the goose and said, "Ok, c'mon out now". One problem, the goose was still out to get me. I could see it in its eyes.

I continued to explain my fear and finally the lady, with aggravation in her voice, said "Now c'mon now, you are making her scared. She ain't gonna hurt you" WHAT?! SERIOUSLY! Then she says "Ok Shelia (sweet jesus, the dang goose has a name. Shelia!!!), it is ok, they are not going to hurt anyone". So I push Val out the door (she is still make hesitation moans) and we b-line it for the truck. We hop in, I look at Allen and say "Sorry honey, you will have to get the hay yourself. I am not getting out of the truck!"

I realize that unless you know me personally, or were there to witness this shear chaos, this may not be very comical, but I can assure you, it was. And eventually, 'Shelia' meandered off to another barn and Val and I crept out of the truck to see their cows and offer up more of an apology for our earlier behavior. And the lady seemed nice then and even said she knows some people can be scared of 'feathered animals' and that, when they are, it is a very difficult fear to get over. She explained that 'Shelia' was like a dog to them (oy!) and I might have just left there with one ounce of dignity left after she shared that. And I will tell you what, their hay is very nice, but I can find nice hay elsewhere if Shelia the Guard Dog is going to have it out for me every time I stop by. Ekkkk!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Adventures in My Car - Take 2

Last time I had a blog post of a similar nature, I titled it 'Car Hoarder? Farm Car?'

Since it seems this topic may be making more apperances that I thought on my blog, maybe I should give it a new title? Maybe 'Mom, don't read?'.....'Don't be embarassed for me mom'......'It's ok mom, I did vacumn in the house'.........

Anyways, my reason for this episode. I had to pick up shavings and then, on my way home from work, I had to go on a man hunt for homesteads with a sign out front that said 'HAY'. You see, I need hay. And I always wait to the last minute...I know, shame on me. It usually is ok because I call up my hay guy and say, "We're coming tomorrow for hay". This time though, he replied with "I have none, I haven't cut it yet with all the rain". UGH. So I drove up and down roads near my home look for a sign that said 'HAY'!

I found someone! And although I knew just by looking at it that it was good hay and the horses would have no issue eating it, I asked to take one bale with me to ensure they liked it! Yes, horse people do this because yes, sometimes horses don't like certain farmers hay :) I kid you not. And since I don't drive a truck and my trunk is ALWAYS filled with other crap, where did you think the hay bale was going to go? On my lap? I think not!

Now, wait until I tell you the story about when we went to pick up the hay! To Be Continued...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Allen & the Arabian!

This evening when it was time to bring in the horses, Allen ended up with Apollo's halter in his hand. Not one to be outdone, he set out to 'fetch' Apollo from the pasture. I knew it'd be hillarious to sit back and watch and thank goodness I had my camera!! Enjoy ;)

"Alright Apollo, lets get 'er done"

"C'mon Apollo"

"Whoa. Ho. Apollo....."

"Dang you two. C'mon Apollo"


"Alright. Good Boy. Apollo standddddd....."

"Good Boyyyy...."

"Dang it Apollo....and yeah Allison, this is real hillarious"
[Me: Dang, look at that cute Arabian!]

"Showoff. C'mon Apollo. I don't have all night"
[Me: Wow, look at that form]


"DANG IT APOLLO........."

[Me: that is one handsome horse!]

"Whew. Good Boy Apollo. Stand. Apollo Good Boy"

"Now I gotcha"

That's right. She thought I'd never get him!!
[Me: Why how nice of you Gypsy, to come right to me!]

And they lived happily ever after!
the end!