"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Bear with me. I am not sure where this post is going......
Horses are so strong and courageous. So large and mighty. So powerful and graceful. Yet, so fragile and dependent. So touchy and complex. So intricate and complicated.

Horses teach you patience's. Horses test your patients. Horses teach you strength, and test your strength. Horses prove you wrong. Horses show your true colors. Horses teach you who YOU are.
Peaceful. Complex. Grace. Beauty. Strength. Wisdom [Yes, I believe horses have wisdom]

Bliss. Power. Teacher.
Horses teach you things you never knew about yourself.

Emotion. Personality. Feelings.
Fear. Apprehension. Doubt.

Ah yes, so many emotions. One large animal. One captivating scent. One girl hooked forever.


Emily on the Southern Prairie said...

They truly are amazing animals. It sounds cheesy, but yes, we (humans) do have a lot to learn from them. The horse racing industry breaks my heart because it sends so, so many young horses to meat slaughter every year. If I had the money, I'd adopt every horse charities like Re-Run take in.

Unknown said...


I know :( I is so sad.....and not just the racing industry, but many others do the same. At the rescue I work with, we took in a mom and 1 WEEK old foal slated for slaughter....and we also rescued a prego mom with a 2 month old NURSING foal at her side from the auction floor destined for slaughter had we not been there. And now, they are all the most wonderful creatures.....I have learned so much from each of them....and that's only a handful to name a few ;)

Emily on the Southern Prairie said...

I hope horse racing goes out of style the way greyhound racing has. The only reason horse racing gets a pass is it involves fancy hats and parties, whereas dog racing has a 'trashy' rep. I'm not against horse sports per se but the racing industry just destroys so many animals it makes me sick. People doesn't realize thousands of losing horses are sent to slaughter every year, they buy into the myth that all racehorses are retired to pasture. If only! I know, I know, preaching to the choir!

Unknown said...

So true.....we can wish & hope!