"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Car Hoarder? Farm Car?

I'll be the first to admit I don't spend much time worrying about cleaning my car.....I don't know that I ever have, at least since I have had Apollo. Let's face it. A car is no match for horse hair, muck, mud and muck boots!! And now that I live on a farm, pssshhhh, please! Does it look like I have time to clean a car!!??

So today, I would like to show you what is is like when I go to the feed store and to another store to pick up shavings :) Now granted, I had some stuff already in the back seat from an art show I was at over the weekend; it's been raining ever since so I had no ambition to lug it all out of my car! So I guess this is partly my fault.

Here was my front passenger seat....

And here was my back seat....
Need I also mention that I had a bag of horse feed in the trunk as well. Why couldn't I just put all this in my trunk you ask? Don't ask is my answer :)

It is times like this when I should really remember to drive Allen's truck to work. You see though, Allen's truck is now really just a true farm truck! I'd have to feed it oil and transmission fluid and promise not to work it too hard while I had it out. Then give her a good 'ol shock treatment to get 'er going before she might even agree to allowing me to take her. [Yes, we are still discussing the truck].....and thennnnn, if it's raining, I am screwed. The shavings can't go in the the bed because they are not in waterproof bags and I can PROMISE you there isn't enough room for them in the cab! So for now, I will have to settle with the dazed & confused looks of the guys who load up my feed and shavings when they ask if I want them in the trunk! :)

On a side note, here's a new pic of the Farm Manager courtesy of hubby! (I did the graphics;)

P.S. I am typing up this blog in front of the fireplace while we have a fire going :) Probably the last one of the season. It's nice since there is still a chill in the air...but also a tad neccessary since we ran out of heating oil and I REFUSE to call and order more when it is supposed to be in the high 70's by the end of the week ;) Ahhh, life on a farm......

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kitty Kare Taker!

Momma Cindy and her 6 kitties are back home here on the farm. Cindy is still on daily meds and the kitties keep getting crusted-shut eyes which means I have to 'pry' them back open with a warm wash cloth and then swap some ointment on them.

They are getting so big and brave...fighting with each other and walking all over. They are even starting to eat wet food. Momma Cindy scarfs hers down, but she is very picky and still sick so she gets a special wet food mixed with a milk substitue type of solution that helps her gain weight and produce more milk for her kittens!

I'd love to see Momma start putting on more weight and getting a healthier coat, but I know that will come with time and will be easier for her once she is done nursing.

I recieved my order today from Amepix! I ordered a sticker that I posted in a previous blog and these buttons!! I chose these so we can wear them at the farmers markets :) hehehehehe - I am SURE my husband will oppose ;)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Farrier Visits

The farrier came out yesterday. I thought it would be cool to showcase, in photos, the horses hooves getting trimmed. Much like I did with worming the horses ;) However, my dilemma....my farrier is Amish. I admit, I am going off of what I 'hear', however, it is my understanding that Amish do not like or 'allow' their picture taken.

So, rather than embarrass myself, as I often do around the Amish, I didn't whip out the camera or ask his permission and try to explain why I wanted to take pictures of him trimming my horses hooves. Instead, I whipped out the cell camera and discreetly snapped a few pics! Hardly the tutorial I envisioned, but better than nothing!

Romeo getting his pedicure
Apollo's big, fat NOSY nose in the camera while I tried to be 'discreet' about what I was doing ;)

Just another day on the farm....with an Amish hat hanging on my light switch.

*Footnote: Gypsy and Daisy were trimmed too, however, my brillant cell idea hadn't yet dawned on my while Gypsy was being done and Daisy was too much of a handful to juggle her and the cell ;)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Fly By Etsy Finds

I use the time fly by in my blog post title because I feel that is what I am doing. This week has been so busy and haven't had much time to blog, or read all the blogs I follow :( And so naturally, I didn't get to my Etsy finds until last evening and I'm still waiting to hear from a few artists on their permission to feature them - so stay tuned. I will add the new finds to the post throughout the next 48 hours as I hear from the artists!

Also, for those Clevelander's, check out Slow Food Northern Ohio's Blog. They have a post on how you can help support the Coit Road Farmers Market....so if you're in that area & interested, check it out!

Speaking of Farmer's Markets, we are patiently [anxiously] awaiting to hear from the ones we submitted to for the 2010 season! And, check out this awesome Farmers Market related shirt I found on Etsy! It's by Pursuits of Happiness and I love it!

I cannot wait for warm summer nights when we can use these! We woke up to snow and ice yesterday :/ UGH. This hand made garden lantern is from Onewintrynight. There is tons of cool stuff in this shop, but my brain is on warm, summer mode right night so I chose this!!

Maybe I should have titled my post 'warm summery mode'! Seems my brain is still there for my next favorite find of the week, this Cami Dress from Plum Pretty Sugar. She has all kinds of summer goodness clothing I want to wear NOW! And you can follow Plum Pretty Sugar on Twitter or Facebook.

And then I came across this on Etsy! Some of you may or may not know my fascination with anything 'witch' which, I assume, stems from my love of Halloween! This is a kitchen witch that is to bring good luck into your home :) Growing up my mom had a kitchen witch, but hers was actually scary looking! I tired to find one on my trip to Salem, MA a few years back, but they all seemed so commercialized and less genuine....if that makes sense. You can find this at Reid's Weeds on Etsy.

I wish I can make my eye into a camera and snap a pic every time I blink at something as wonderful as the way the sunrise is coming up over the orchard right now! Perfect!

I have to go get ready for the farrier to come trim the horses hooves....I thought about taking pics of the process for my blog, but he's Amish, so I don't know that they allow pics of themselves...that could be awkward!

Check back later as I add the rest of my Favorite Etsy finds of the week!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busy, Never Dull Moments!

I've been scarce! By the time I get to sit down in front of my computer lately, I am exhausted! All this tree pruning makes my hands ache.....literally! So the thought of type makes them ache more ;)

Last night we had a kitty emergency; Momma Cindy seemed to have come down with a nasty cold so I had to take her and her 6 precious babies to Kitten Krazy to get some fluids in her until she could get to the vet today. Keep your fingers crossed she kicks this kitty colds butt and that her kitties stay healthy!

Today I cut out of work early thanks to my awesome boss! [And since I have to work overtime this weekend at an event] I came home to get some more trees pruned. I think we may have just about 10 or so left that need done now - yayyyy!

I have been working on our orchard website....I am really excited for it! I want to launch it now but I know I need to wait until I get it done ;) In the mean time, here are some pics I have been messing with to put on it.

And now that I just heard the weather report say S.N.O.W., I say, Night Night.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ahhh, Thunderstorms! I love them...until they get excessive and flood my stalls :)
And what a treat to have a Thunderstorm in March! I ran outside in my pj's last night right around dusk as the rain was rolling in [my husbands eyes were rolling] and the sun was setting!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Farm PSA

Howdy Folks. It's Sunday night. That means tomorrow it is back to the ol' grind....work *sigh*

We had a very productive weekend in the orchard getting trees pruned. It has left me exhausted and also with this Public Service Announcement straight from the farm, to you...

Wear your sunblock folks.
Even though it is still March and cool outside!

And now, to reward myself, I am chillin' with my homies :) I was going to do a weekend wrap up in pictures, but honestly, how many pics of us pruning orchard trees do you really want to see!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend while it is still here!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Agricultural Day Etsy Finds!!

Today is National Agriculture Day! What are you going to be doing to celebrate? I will be out on the farm all day, pruning more apple trees, tilling up the gardens, grooming some more shedding horses and anything else that I might find an extra minute to do!

I am also dedicating my Favorite Etsy Finds this week to Agriculture! All items shown were found using the search term "Agriculture" on Etsy! And I might just throw in a snapshot of this beautiful sunrise I am watching through the kitchen window ;) We'll see if I can snap a decent one.

Without further or do.....

I know these might make you take a double glance and say what, but these are 'Seed Bomb Kits' from LAUrban Harvest. This is such a cool concept! They state 'you can toss into empty lots, weedy areas, or otherwise ugly spaces...your seeds will sprout and grow, beautifying the space and producing edible beans...This is a great way to beautify your local area without having to jump fences or trespass'. Now, isn't that a cool idea! Check out their shop - they have lots 'o cool stuff, especially for the 'Urban Farmer'!

I love quilts! It may be my next obsession next to totes and aprons! And this beauty popped up under the 'Agriculture' search! It is called Four Barns and it's made by Pam's Crafts. The back side of it has a smaller barn print fabric. It looks nice & warm and would make the perfect edition to your farm house!

And, I heart this shop, Amepix! A gal name Amanda runs it and she also runs Growing Hope!
This is an organization she founded that is dedicated to helping people improve their lives and communities through gardening and healthy food access!

Ok, so anyways, are these buttons not the cutest! I already orders [6] which my unknowing family ;) and myself will be wearing at the farmers markets this year! I will let you guess which ones I ordered ;)

And, I couldn't resist! I HAD TO order this too! I have not the slightest clue where I will put it...somewhere it can be on display at the markets probably, but I love it! Maybe I will stick it on the bumper of the hubby's white truck and see how long before he notices!! Check out all the cool stuff at Amepix!

And here are my Agricultural contributions........

The morning sunrise

Italian Basil!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Yay! Thank goodness it is Friday! It's been a great week weather-wise. However, I find myself sitting at my desk, at the day job, conjuring up a list of all the things I could be doing at home on the farm. Then, by the time I get home and complete the daily chores, I am spent :/ Wouldn't it be grand if the farm was my job!

Allen already has a huge to-do list a mile long for us this weekend so let's hope the weather holds. We need to continue with the tree pruning in the orchard, start tilling the gardens and we're going to attempt to make some of our own compost bins out of wooden skids. We also need to get started on making the cold frame. And the list goes on and on! Who invented the 40 hour work week? It just bites into my time - lol!

Anyways, here are a few pictures to share! Enjoy your Friday :)

The 'Infamous' sugar Daddy has resurfaced!

Moss dog taking a good 'ol roll in the hay!

Ahh! You know spring has 'sprung' when I can dust off my plastic *palm tree wine glass and take it out to the barn to clean stalls with me ;) *Courtesy of my mother, who didn't think I should be taking a 'real'wine glass with me!

Kittens are growing! Everyone has their eyes open now. It may be had to see, but look at the fat lil piggy in the middle laying on the rest with his arms over them!

Whinny loves her Daddy...need I say more?

Drive in to work this morning. The sun was beautiful....but I didn't get it too well on camera!

This one came out blurry but I still thought it looked cool...

And, when I got to work, one of the guys had these for us. They are CUPCAKES his wife MADE!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do you live in a barn?

My brother is in Vegas with my dad and my brother-in-law. I get a text message picture of a pawn shop from my brother?

I text back 'A Pawn Shop'? [like, whats the big deal? what am I missing in this picture?]

He texts back 'yea on that show u never seen it?'

I text back 'nope'

He texts back 'Wow you live in a barn or something lol'

I text back 'yes!'

And I still have no idea why the heck I am supposed to recognize a picture of a pawn shop in Vegas!? I am assuming it has something to do with reality tv....and I really don't watch much tv at all.....especially now that the weather has broke!!
Here are some pictures from this evening. Enjoy!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Worming a Miniature Donkey with Attitude

And now, I present to you, the hubby and his other woman. Or, more appropriately titled "Worming a Miniature Donkey with Attitude"

Preface: My husband wanted to 'one up' me and worm the donkey without a halter on. Unfortunately for him, there is no comparisson in trying to worm a 350 pound animal versus an 1100 pound animal ;) So, I am unphased!

Ok Daisy love, time for you wormer.........

Lemme just check the dial so we don't overdose ya.....

Ok, now let's show mom how easy this is....
Thata gal...

Awe c'mon Dais....Don't you like apple flavored wormer?

See, it smells delish!

Hey, don't you DARE try to kick ME! Your Daddy....

Please Daisy, I love you...and Mommy is watching...

Pretty please with a banana flavored treat on top?

Oh wait, you have an eye booger...lemme get it....

I knew we were still BFF's!

Hey wait! What about the wormer?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up and Worming a Horse!

Weekend Wrap Up and Worming a Horse (or two or three or four)!
Warning! Due to the pictures involved, this post is long!

Here is the super so cute you want to eat them picture I mentioned! Ok, so the picture is not that great, but the subject matter is ;) This is our new foster mama and her 6 babies. They are only a few days old and haven't yet opened their eyes! We need to name all of them so as we get to know them, we'll figure out some fitting names!

Hubby's Pancake Breakfast!

The Farm Manager

Break Time

Girls can use a saw too!

Hubby Worming the Farm Manager

And now, drum roll please, the horse wormer!

Apollo sees it coming a mile away....and says NO WAY!

'Please no'

'Oh gosh NO!'

'Dang, she got me'

Good Boy! Here's your treat ;) See, it wasn't so bad and you're still alive!
Next -- Gypsy...

Step 1. Halter on

Step 2. Wormer In :)
Next, Romeo...

Try #1

'Uhhhh, I don't think so'

Trying AGAIN..and we got it! But my photographer was too slow ;)

And I have decided to save Daisy's worming for a whole seperate post all it's own! Stay Tuned!