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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Agricultural Day Etsy Finds!!

Today is National Agriculture Day! What are you going to be doing to celebrate? I will be out on the farm all day, pruning more apple trees, tilling up the gardens, grooming some more shedding horses and anything else that I might find an extra minute to do!

I am also dedicating my Favorite Etsy Finds this week to Agriculture! All items shown were found using the search term "Agriculture" on Etsy! And I might just throw in a snapshot of this beautiful sunrise I am watching through the kitchen window ;) We'll see if I can snap a decent one.

Without further or do.....

I know these might make you take a double glance and say what, but these are 'Seed Bomb Kits' from LAUrban Harvest. This is such a cool concept! They state 'you can toss into empty lots, weedy areas, or otherwise ugly spaces...your seeds will sprout and grow, beautifying the space and producing edible beans...This is a great way to beautify your local area without having to jump fences or trespass'. Now, isn't that a cool idea! Check out their shop - they have lots 'o cool stuff, especially for the 'Urban Farmer'!

I love quilts! It may be my next obsession next to totes and aprons! And this beauty popped up under the 'Agriculture' search! It is called Four Barns and it's made by Pam's Crafts. The back side of it has a smaller barn print fabric. It looks nice & warm and would make the perfect edition to your farm house!

And, I heart this shop, Amepix! A gal name Amanda runs it and she also runs Growing Hope!
This is an organization she founded that is dedicated to helping people improve their lives and communities through gardening and healthy food access!

Ok, so anyways, are these buttons not the cutest! I already orders [6] which my unknowing family ;) and myself will be wearing at the farmers markets this year! I will let you guess which ones I ordered ;)

And, I couldn't resist! I HAD TO order this too! I have not the slightest clue where I will put it...somewhere it can be on display at the markets probably, but I love it! Maybe I will stick it on the bumper of the hubby's white truck and see how long before he notices!! Check out all the cool stuff at Amepix!

And here are my Agricultural contributions........

The morning sunrise

Italian Basil!

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