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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Sarcoid - Days 4 & 5

Sunday was Day 4 of the treatment on Daisy's sarcoid. It was looking way better than I ever expected! It is hardening up (scabbing over) and she seems ok about me touching it. Note the shavings stuck on it - lol - she just HAS to roll while the paste is still wet *sigh*!

You can see in this pic below that near the bottom, there is a small, dark circl-ish spot. This is one of the 'lumps' that was not a full blown sarcoid but one Doc said had the potential to become one.
This picture, below, from Day 4 shows on much flat the area is - remember how far the sarcoid stuck out?

And now, below, is a pic prior to Day 5's evening treatment. (Taken on the cell cam). You can see it doesn't look as hard and it was starting to open. The small, dark circle-ish area from Day 4 pics has broken open and bled some. This morning, when I went out to feed, I noticed the large area was pussing some too. I know Doc said this would all happen and to leave it, not wipe anything, but I took that as it would happen to the actual sarcoid....not after the sarcoid fell off. So, I have sent Doc an email this morning to be sure this is still ok. And too see if I can wipe it off ;) In the mean time, tonight is scheduled to be the 6th and last treatment!

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