"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life Lessons on Patience's

I am not one to be known for my patience's :) However horses, especially Apollo, have taught me patience's. There is some 'ol wives tale saying somewhere about a horse teaching a human patience's. It is true - I can attest to that!

MY DOGS however, take those patience's I have worked so hard on....errr, that my horses have worked so hard on, and fray them right down to the end!

Last night I was crabby. I don't know why since the hubs had the dogs walked, stalls cleaned and horses getting fed by the time I came home! I was able to go into the barn and simply enjoy the smell of my horses, bury my face in their manes, give them all a little 'T-Touch' and a nice brushing!

Then....I went inside. *sigh* I swear I was considering moving myself into the barn. I know the dogs are cooped up with the weather and they don't get to be outside as much, but for crying out loud. They still get their daily morning and evening walks.

So, Whinny got her bath that she didn't get the other night when Mossy got his. Why do wet dogs straight out of the shower run around and act like insane aliens on 4 legs? I was packing up some Ebay sales and Allen was in the shower. I come out of the office to the smell of SH!T - yes, you heard me, CRAP-ola on the CARPET! UGHHHHHHHHH - We are all potty trained here; I guess the excitement of being clean got the best of one of them.

Who, Us?

As I am walking to the kitchen to get the carpet cleaner, I see them fighting over something on the couch. I assume it is a bone someone stole out of one of their crates so I go to take it away before a fight breaks out. What to my surprise do I find down between the cushions? Not a bone but A FREAKING EGG* - they stole one of the eggs I had on the counter (was making hard boiled eggs) and one of them gently carried it to the couch where they then massacred it ON MY COUCH [*Please note they stole the egg BEFORE it was hardboiled!]

This is were I think my patience's blew. Then we have Allen, who comes out of the shower, and tries to discipline as if I haven't already been screaming! 'Okay Allen, shut-up, you are a tad late on this one ;) '

Not Us!

THEN....yes, there is more, I find BOTH OF THEM IN THE BATH TUB FIGHTING over a bar of SOAP! What the hell!? Whinny doesn't even like the shower/tub??!! We have to chase her to get her in there for her bath.

We Are Innocent - We Plead the 5th!

One of these days....maybe just ONE day, My dogs will mellow out and be good....for my own sanity!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, what little stinkers haha. Soap? Egg? My patients would wear thin too!