"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Evening Etsy 'Vegetable' Finds

Whew.....Finally! I get to sit down ;) Yesterdays horse rescue was a success in that we were able to get the horses out of their neglect situation and into comfortable stalls with hay & water!

Today Allen tilled the gardens while I had to work. We may try to plant our herbs tomorrow and since we are not in the clear for evening frosts, we'll just cover them if one comes through.

So, as we prepare our gardens for transplant, my Etsy finds were uncovered using the search term 'Vegetable'!

First, this adorable vegetable garden bags from Vintage Green Limited. They are hand stamped and wouldn't they be so cute to take to the farmers market with you? :)
How about this piece of stained glass art for your kitchen window - super neat! Check out all the stained glass art at Beged-Dov Stained Glass

This bag kinda goes along with my motto on our orchard website, 'Eat Fresh, Be Healthy, Buy Local'! It's organic and there is fruit ON the bag...what not to like!? Check it out at American Jane Mercantile and you can also friend them on Facebook!

This wouldn't be an Etsy Finds post on 'vegetable' without actual vegetables now would it!? How about these Heirloom Cosmic Purple Carrot seeds? Check out Azure Dandelion if you are looking for heirloom seeds to plant in your garden. You won't be disappointed!

How about this print with a beet in it? Isn't is unique? Something about it just draws me in!
Check out Trumbly Designs for a print to add to your home!


River said...

I TOTALLY need one of those stained glass pieces! Especially if they sell it in macaroni and cheese!

I was perusing your blog, and I'm slowly becoming addicted- you make me want a farm. Were you raised in the country at all? Before this piece of land, have you ever lived in such a rural area?

Unknown said...

LOL, that's funny!

Thanks for the kind comments! I often wonder why in the world anyone would care to read about my life! ha! but I enjoy writing, so....

Nope, never grew up in the country; quite the opposite. I grew up on a cul-de-sac in a town. But I have always had a love for horses and rode when I was younger.

River said...

I've always been raised in the city. The most rural part of my life was when my husband and I bought a home in a community right next to a horse ranch of some sort. I always drive around back to see the horses. There's even a HUGE dog park there. I'll take a few photos, because I can't quite explain it. I think it's also a training facility, since they have a stadium type set up.

You know how many animals I could rescue if I had a farm?!