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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Friday, January 14, 2011

Prenatal Take 1

So last night was our first Prenatal Class. I don't think I ever mentioned, but it was supposed to be last week, however, it was a pretty bad snowstorm and Allen had told me to call before we left to make sure it wasn't canceled. I said "Nah, they'd call if it was". Well, after a white-knuckled drive and almost getting slammed into by some idiot who seemed to miss the fact he was driving in a snow storm, we made it to the hospital to see a sign that said 'Prenatal Classes canceled due to weather'...and then I realized I forgot my cell phone at home....which had two missed calls from the course instructor telling me the class was canceled :0 Whoops! Allen was fit to be tied to say the least ;)

So last night, w/o the snowstorm, we trekked it out for our first class. Of course they start with an ice breaker about who you are, when you are due, why you are here etc etc. In typical Allen response, he stated he was taking these classes "because I wanted him too!" *sigh* He acted like he knew everything already. "You learn all this in high school health class, Allison". Oh really, we did?

So naturally, a few times, I saw him staring off into space and resting his hands in his face. My husband is very 'fidgety'. Asking him to sit at a table for 2 hours and stare at power point screens while some lady talks about the woes of labor is a big feat for him! I will admit, this weeks class was a little 'dry'. They kinda covered stuff I already knew -- like the pains I will feel when my ligaments stretch -- been there done that two weeks ago ;)

However, towards the end of the class, they started to demonstrate, with props, how the baby comes down through your pelvis, into the birth canal etc etc. This may have caught a tad more of Allen's attention, in a mortified way ;) Oh maybe it was the groans under my breath that caught him. Next week we get into the 'meat & potato's' of labor - should prove for a tad more interesting class!

As we were walking out to the car, Allen said "Ask me anything. I know you think I wasn't paying attention".

Ok, so I ask "What do you do if I start having pain and contractions at home?"

"Rub your feet" (ok, not quite the right answer, but I will take it)

"What do you do while I am in labor at the hospital?"

"Tell you what a good job you are doing." (What a text book answer!)

"And what do you do if I want people to leave the room?"

"Tell them all to GET OUT!" (alrighty then!)

Well, I guess he's got that covered! Now what does he do when it is 10 minutes before the horses need fed and I am about to deliver the baby!?


Diana said...

Too funny Allison.
Here is a little blog post I found about a birth plan. It is hilarious. (If your not offended by the language)

Unknown said...

Oh shoot Diane, I will have to read it when I get home. My works firewall is blocking it ;)

Rachel said...

Yikes, scary stuff for sure!