"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Monday, September 26, 2011

An Important Piece of Plastic

Friday was one heck of a way to cash out the week for me! After spending the whole work week at another county fair, I was anxious to get home for the weekend. I guess I was a tad too anxious - I was pulled over...for speeding. *Dang*

Of course I can never catch a break and receive a warning. But this time, I can't complain. I should be happy for only receiving a ticket with a speeding fine. You see, when asked for my license, registration and proof of insurance, the only thing I could provide was the registration. I was told to hold on while the cop walked back to his cruiser [with a stick up his ass]. I frantically searched for my license to no avail and decided I must have left it at the bank earlier that morning - SUPER. Next, I searched for my insurance card. Found it -- expiration June of 2011 - Shit!

So, the cop comes back and first asks 'So what is your name now'? In his system, he was seeing my married name (which would have been on my license, had I of had it with me!) and on my registration, it was my madien name. Next question, did I find my license and insurance. At this point, I was striking out on all bases. No license and an expired insurance card. [I told him the new insurance card may have been in my laptop bag, in my trunk. He didn't want any of it] Luckily, I was handed my hefty speeding fine and sent on my way w/o issue over the license and insurance card!

So, naturally, after I pick up my child, I make a stop at our corner store to pick up something for dinner, and WINE! I needed that wine! I get to the register and as I am writing out a check, the [new] cashier asked me for my ID. I say "Oh, I have a check cashing card with you guys; I will put the # on my check for you" - not even thinking. She responds by saying 'Oh no, honey, I need it for the alcohol'. Instantly, panic sets in. Don't tell me I can't walk out of here with that WINE, LADY! I NEED THE WINE. So, without any hesitation, I sigh and lay it out there for here. 'Well, I don't have my license. Nope. I just got pulled over, got a speeding ticket and didn't have my license for the cop either. And at this time, I have no idea where my license even is. But (gesturing towards my child), I can assure you I am over 21'. How nice of her to think I wasn't and how crazy of me to think toting a kid around means I am old enough to drink alcohol! So she said she would need to call a lady from the service desk over since she didn't want to get in trouble for not carding me.

At this point, the line is growing, as I am holding it up, in protest for my wine. The lady in line behind me clearly felt my pain as she said to me 'Honey, you need to go home, open that wine up, and not go anywhere else for the night'. Just my plan lady, just my plan - provided they sell it to me! So, the customer service lady comes to the register, the cashier explains the situation, and the cust. service reps looks and me and says 'Oh, she's ok. She buys wine in here all the time!'

Moral of my story - don't loose your dang license; you can then purchase yourself alcohol without issue. And don't speed. Because it takes money out of your alcohol fund. *oy*

And no, I still haven't located my license. And it wasn't at the bank!

More stress insued when I got home, and before I could crack the wine, but I will save that tale for another day!!


The Starved Idiot said...


and here I was whining about MY day. enjoy the wine - you earned it!

Tami said...

(Laughing)...Now I would have wondered if the gal who said "She buys wine here all the time" thought I was a lush. (grin)

Wine is MY preferred "mellow" too.

Unknown said...

I cant help but laugh cause girl I have been there with one of those days :)

I am so sorry and send you big hugs - I hope that wine helped!

HolleyGarden said...

And I thought the lesson was going to be "Be sure you buy wine all the time from the same store so when you lose your license, they'll sell you alcohol anyway"!!!

Mary said...

OH MY GOSH. What a cruddy day. I hope the wine was fabulous and that your week is vastly improved now!

Camille said...

Ugh! What a crappy day! A glass of wine can cure most any crappy day! Hope things are looking up!

meemsnyc said...

That was a funny story. :) Sorry for the crappy day.