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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shhh, you are in Jesus' house!

Oh boy! My paternal grandmother, she is quite the character!
Today was my niece's christening so naturally, my family was gathered at a church to witness the holy dunking. (Forewarning - if you are deeply religious this post may may offend you)

As the priest was trying to get the hoopla going (there were 2 other families there as well) my 2 yr old niece and almost 3 year old nephew were all wound up. My grandma, who was in the pew in front of us, turned around and told them "Shhhh, you are in Jesus' house and you have to be quite....Jesus wants you to be quiet." Well, you can imagine what this means to kids of this age. If you ain't got no goodies to pay them off with, then the Shhhh just doesn't mean a thing! So again, she turns around and says "Shhhhh, you are in Jesus' house now."

At this point, I was humored, so I respond to her saying "But Grandma, you answer your phone in Jesus' house!" She then 'poo-pooed' me with her hand and a smirk ;) (Grandma's been known to answer her cell phone during her Saturday mass, which, by the way, is never on vibrate or silent mode! And you can imagine how quickly a 70-some year old lady can get to her cell!!)

So, I kid you not, she turns around again to 'Shhhh' the kids, and not 5 minutes later, her cell phone starts ringing....in the middle of a holy dunking! She turns around looking at my grandpa whose was frantically searching her purse for the cell, and I look at my grandma and say "Shhhhh, Grandma! You are in Jesus' house!!!" I am pretty sure the family behind us wasn't amused. Somewhere in there too, my niece yelled out for her dad, whom she decided to call by his first name, rather than Dad!

Once it was my nieces turn for her dunking, a few family members stood up near the alter to snap a picture, and my grandmother yells out to my grandfather (who hopped pews to get up there!), "TAKE A PICTURE!". Again, we had to Shhhh Grandma and remind her she was in Jesus' house.

I am pretty certain we won't be welcomed back as a large group again at that church!


The Starved Idiot said...

you are typing TOO LOUDLY!!!!
ssshhhhh...you are in Blogger's house!

now, here are some crayons, ring of clanky car keys and tube of red lipstick. please, FOR THE LOVE OF BLOGGER, type quietly with your brother.....

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm not a church going type, but I might like to attend with your family. Ha ha

Unknown said...

BOL that sounds just like my family! We are not hte church going type..its either a funeral, wedding or christining that has us there. Too funny your in Jesus' house shhhhhhhhh

The Starved Idiot said...

I am Facebooking this post. I keep re-reading it and howling.

signed - Defunct Catholic

Unknown said...

LOL - I am glad you get my humor :)