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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baby Food: Cranberry Turkey

This post probably would have been more helpful last week, when you were wondering what to do with all your Turkey Day leftovers!

But it is the holidays, which means, you probably might see Turkey and Cranberries grace your table again sooner rather than later.

My little guy thoroughly enjoyed Turkey Day dinner! Even the cranberries!
So, for the next two days for one of his meals, he was able to enjoy leftovers...just like the rest of us!
This was super easy - a no brainer, really!!

Cranberry Turkey for Baby
Take a few slices/chunks of Turkey, and a few spoonfuls of leftover Cranberry sauce and whiz them together in the food processor. Add more Cranberry sauce to get the consistency you would like for your little one. At this point, my babe is take pieces of meat not completely pureed - we are more onto textured foods now. So, I hit the chop button a few times to get smaller bites.

In my opinion, I would let this go longer than 2 days in the fridge. And, personally, I think poultry tastes weird reheated (in a microwave, especially) so when I served this the following day, it had a slight chill to it. And the babe liked it all the same!

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