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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back on my Real Food Rant

Do you know one thing I miss since becoming more conscious about the foods I consume? I miss satisfying a craving just by running to a store and grabbing what I want! And let me tell you, at 8.5 months prego, that can be brutal!!

Right now I would LOVE a Danish! However, there is no Danish anywhere within reasonable driving distance of me that is going to cut it. Some may look good, but in the end, I know they all taste like garbage and chances are, if I eat it, I will feel like garbage too!

This is good and bad, I suppose! Good because I know better now, but bad because when I have a craving for something, usually my only option is to make it myself. And I am pretty sure I can't make a danish the way I would imagine it to be :)

So, who has an easy danish recipe I could whip up really fast? :)

In all seriousness though, if you have changed your diet to cut out fake foods, processed foods, sugars etc etc, what is a quick go-to recipe you tend to use that helps satisfy a craving? I am curious!

And I also have to ask, when you are at a food store, do you find yourself analyzing the cart behind you? (ha!) I know, did I just say that? But, I can't help it -- I like to see what other people are buying - it is interesting to me. And, it is sad when I see a cart full of canned 'fat free' soups, diet this and that, low-fat yogurts, skim milk and a head of lettuce. It tells me this is someone who is trying to be conscious of their health and what they eat, but in reality, all of that (with the exception of the lettuce) is junk! And with the messed up food system we have here in the states, sadly, too many don't understand that. They think it is all good stuff.

Share your thoughts with me on this!


Susan said...

Admittedly, I do the same thing with analyzing the carts around me. I keep telling myself, I should share the fact that they could make that from scratch with a lot less preservatives! I love your soap box! XOXO

Ashlee said...

This may not be totally "real" but I can think of an easy way to make a quick danish...

Use frozen puff pastry (let it thaw in the fridge overnight) and then roll it out a little, then cut into squares and plop in some cream cheese and jam, or just one or the other, fold in the corners, and bake! It will be delicious, yet kinda homemade also. If you can use jam from your larder, that would be even better! Apple danish with cream cheese?! Oh heck yeah!!!

Astri said...

I know how you feel, Alison, when you see people doing things unmindfully and in an unaware way. Like people sitting idling their car motor, for minutes on end and on and on... what do we do? What can we do, that does not seem rude, or aggressive, in that grocery line? I wonder... I'd love to hear you all brainstorm on this. I am an educator, I've developed my little veggie garden (an age-old practice, in all parts of the world, but in new/fashion-speak: "urban farm") over the last few years, am saving seeds, sharing them, apprenticing myself to a chicken farmer, a horse-therapy teacher, learning about goats, volunteering at the annual farm fare, looking for acreage (which here on western Canada's Vancouver Island is ridiculously expensive, sharing tips, inspiring people who thing late 50s is too late to change your life, etc. And irritating people who think that neighbourhood gardens should have lawns and flowers mainly. - I wonder: could one have a little flier in one's purse, about whole foods, slow cooking, healthy choices, and one's phone no, to hand out to someone, with a smile, and no verbal discussion then and there, and basically be available for a tea/chat, or phone/chat, if they choose to return the initiative?

Furry Bottoms said...

I want a ding dong so bad. Or chocolate covered mini donuts. But NO, Hostess had to go bankrupt!