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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Cat Rescue

So last week, Thursday, a guy came into our office to pay his bill. I was in my office, minding my own business as I hear him say, "Know anyone who wants a kitten?" Instantly I cringe. I hold my breath. I wait to hear what my co-workers response will be. And sure enough, it was something along the lines of "Well, Allison........." And that was enough; that was all I needed to hear.

The next moment, someone peaked their head into my office doorway and I said "Get his info and I will call if I can help". So I get on the phone with Kitten Krazy and tell them the situation. They say if I can bring them in Monday during medical night they will check them out and see what they can do. I call the guy back the next day to inform him and ask him if he can bring them to me Monday at work.

So yesterday, Monday, he brought them in. He only brought 4 as he said they were having a hard time parting with them and decided to keep one. As I understand it, they also kept the mom (whom they took in as a pregnant stray and which is why they ended up with these kittens) and they also have, I believe, 3 other cats, a Pomeranian and a Rottweiler. This guy has a bleeding heart for animals; a heart of gold. He was in tears when he dropped them off to me. I felt his pain because I know how it goes, but I assured him they were in good hands.

There were 3 black, medium hair females. One with long white hair coming out from behind her ears. We named her Silver Bells. The other two females were named Noelle and Flurry. The regally handsome male, who was a silver gray, we named Winter. They all checked out negative for Feline Aids and Leukemia, however, they had the WORST case of fleas I have ever witnessed first hand. They were so invested with fleas that their gums were white and they were so mellow; they were pretty much lethargic. Another week or two and we're thinking the fleas may have claimed their precious lives. (Yes, FLEAS WILL KILL DOGS & CATS IF NOT TREATED - THEY SUCK THEM DRY OF THEIR BLOOD)

So needless to say, they were supposed to come home with me for a week before the next trip to the spay/neuter clinic, however, they stayed at KK for the night while they "De-flea'ed"! I may be picking them up tomorrow to hang out at my place over the holiday. In the mean time too, the guy who dropped them off is scheduled to take the one he kept up to KK so they can treat it as well. Thank Goodness. And thank goodness the we have one more person on this planet that truly cares for animal welfare :)

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