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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Unique Etsy Finds for a Saturday

Welcome the Weekend ....ahhhhh!

I have a new foster cat here for the weekend. Her name is Maggie; she is a possibly an older black cat. She was having a hard time settling in at the rescue as she doesn't seem to like other cats (or dogs) at all. I brought her home with me for the weekend to chill out and she is doing very well. Of course, my second hand rescue gal, my niece Val, has been socializing her :)

I found tons of cool things on Etsy this week! I even have someone working on a custom order for me for the orchard :) But it is a secret until it is finished! In the mean time, my favorites page is overflowing - here are a few from it :) I could go broke surfing Etsy!

This skirt is from Weeza wear

Actually, she has 2 super cute skirts and tons of cute cute cute headbands :) She'll even take custom orders to size the headband for you, a child or whomever. Check out her shop - she has Valentine's Day & Easter Headbands listed now too!

This spoon bracelet is from Dank Artistry

I have always been a fan of this kind of jewelry - ever since I found my mom's spoon ring in her jewelry box when I was younger. If you like spoon jewelry, check out this shop; they have bracelets, earrings, rings and pendants!

I love scarves and turtlenecks in winter so naturally, I loved this item when I spotted it! It is a 'Scarflette' by Scrap Soup and Crop Circles

This shop has all kind of handmade goodies including gloves, scarves and these scarflettes and they even accept custom orders!

This last item is just the coolest! How unique and what a great idea. It is a coffee cup night light from micah7 Super Cool! All the items in this shop are coffee and tea mugs turned into night lights! Love it!!

So those are my Etsy finds of the week! Take a second and check out the sellers shops; you will probably love what you see ;) And check out a few new pics I added in my shop too :) ApollosonAcres

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