"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And the first Blizzard hits!

All last week the news channels were warning us of a blizzard coming our way starting Sunday night. Here is a view from our back patio door around noon on Sunday.

"Blizzard? Ahhh, I am too tired to worry about a blizzard!!"

This is a view from the back patio door around 4pm on Sunday. A nice, light powdered sugar dusting of snow :)
Enough to give a festive touch to the season......

But by Monday morning, things had changed....and this kitty knocks out whatever is in her way to ensure a front row seat to the show!

This is about noon yesterday (Monday). I worked from home due to road conditions. [I love my boss!] Apollo would be the crazy one hanging out his head in the blizzard, watching me work through the window, and obnoxiously calling out to me to come let him out to play in the snow!

And this is at around 4pm yesterday.....right before I decided to venture out and put the horses out back for a romp in the snow. Walking 4 horses back through the orchard to their pasture in what seemed like 10 ft of snow is usually not daunting, unless you are 7 months pregnant and you know your husband will kill you when he gets home and sees what you've done ;)

Yes, the horses pasture is back past all those apple trees you see lined up behind the barns. And this pic is also from 4pm-ish yesterday.

But this is perfect weather for the woolly ones :) They LOVE to romp around in the snow....especially Apollo. But even Gypsy busts a few moves and feels good in this weather! She might be 26, but she is 6 at heart! (Unfortunately, my camera battery died before I got the little ones out so no photos of their snow fun)

And this was about 6pm last night. The small, teeny tiny light you see (if you can even tell the difference between it and the snowflakes) just above the roof of hubby's work van is him plowing a path from the barn to the pasture for me. Like I said, he was less than thrilled that I tromped through all that snow to walk out 4 horses. I'll admit, I was a tad exhausted....but this chick still cleaned 4 stalls afterwards too! Who says being prego has to leave you on the couch!!! I just need more breaks into between my work ;)

And there is something about being bundled up, outside in your barn, with your horses, in frigid, single digit temps that makes you warmer than you probably are. I wasn't cold at all last night; out there chucking ice from water buckets, flinging frozen poo balls and waddling my way through snow drifts! I love wintertime with the horses :)
It's funny, just a few months ago, back in November, Allen and I were bringing in the horses and there were bugs all over. We mentioned how weird it was to see bugs in November....and just a few short weeks later, not a bug in site ;)


Maiden Jane said...

We really had a warm November. We're paying the price now! We saw some bugs in Nov, too - it was like they awoke!

Unknown said...

Thank you - I am glad I'm not the only one who feels more alive in the teens and single digits than the humidity here in southeast MO. The photos were wonderful and the horses sound like they had fun!

katiegirl said...

Love your barns! They're pretty in the snow. The horse peeking out is cute too!