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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seed Starting 2011

Everyone is starting to blog about what they'll be planting in their gardens this year. Hubby and I are always overly ambitious when it comes to planting -- probably since we have the room! Last year actually started off great....then, once I was slapped with morning sickness 24/7, I couldn't stand to be anywhere near food of any kind :/ Between the gardens, the orchard and the other general farm chores, it was too much for hubby to man alone so most of our harvest went to family and friends and weeding went to the wayside!

Anyways, I guess I am just a gluten for punishment because between reading everyone's blogs and scanning all the seed catalogs coming in, I already have a mile long list of seeds I want to order. Unfortunately, with the arrival of "Baby P" not too far away, I don't think we'll be starting any seeds indoors this year. Hubby wants to just buy plants already started and plant them once it is warm enough, but I still have some certain varieties in mind that I know we can't purchase locally - thus, I will still be ordering some seeds! (Plus I am all about heirlooms - hubby can sway either way)

One seed I am going to try this year is the Moon & Stars Watermelon! I am excited to try this one; it is supposed to grow well in our area.

I also want to try the Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean (and the Dragon Tongue Bean...not pictured)

And for one of our heirloom tomato's this year, I've heard so much wonderful feed back on the Cherokee Purple Tomato so I am going to try that. This one makes me nervous starting from a direct seed outside so I may have to persuade hubby, in between feedings and diaper changing and dog walks and horse stall cleanings, to start these inside under the grow light ;) Wish me Luck!!

I have 2 onions on my list as well that are good storage onions as well as a good pickling cucumber. I also have received some Purple Calabash Tomato seeds along with a Purple Haze Carrot seeds from a fellow blogger, Emily! Thanks Emily!!
So, what are you planting this year? What is something new you are going to try?
I am also on the hunt for the following if anyone knows where I can find them, please let me know! Tromboncino (vining summer squash, Small Sugar Pumpkin (supposedly grows on a trellis), African Jelly Melon and a Rocky or Agnes Pickling Cuc.
Any suggestions on a good veg to grow for making my own baby food?
Any suggestions on a nice Zinna flower seed to plant?
Ok, I have to stop.....my plate is overfull already :)


Rachel said...

Hi Allison,
I hear you on the morning sickness/anything food related aversion! How exciting to be planning your seed planting, though! It's so fun to imagine all the fun foods you can harvest right from your own yard. Your selections look excellent! I hope it works out!
I recently did a post on our fruit trees getting blossoms too. I was wondering if you would know an answer to a question I had: is it too late to do winter pruning if they already have blooms? Thanks!

Diana said...

Sweet potatoes and winter squash make great baby food. The way I used to grow my Kentucky wonder beans is to plant them about 4' away from a south wall of my house and have them run up at an angle. The beans would hang straight down and you could stand in the shade and pick them.

Anonymous said...

I am also excited to get started on the seeds and planting here. But first we have quite a few guineas to catch. We'll probably be selling most of them soon and keeping about 5 or 6.

English peas makes a good baby food, the green beans, and squash.
Good luck with the seeds.
Have a great day,

katiegirl said...

The moon and stars watermelon are just beautiful. I've always loved them!