"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Friday, May 13, 2011

Peek on Perennials

There other night I went for a stroll through the farm admiring everything green :) It seems like it has been ages since we've seen green!

I was pleasantly surprised to see my Sage growing back with vigor. I have a wonderful recipe hubby and I love for a 'Gorgonzola & Sage' burger so this herb comes in quite handy! (Recipe courtesy of an 'old' Rachel Ray cook book!)

The Peony bush I received from The Unusual Farmchick at a plant swap last year is also growing nicely....this makes me happy since hubby's friend, who was helping him mow the lawn last year, ran it right over!

I just thought this was a nice shot; looking out from the front yard across the road as the sun was setting :)

My chives look nice and full - I love when they bloom those purple 'poof balls' on top -- okay, that is so not the technical term, but, who cares! We've already been cooking with these too.

And this was my company during the evening stroll -- clearly he wasn't as into it as I was! He'd had enough I think ;)

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Alana Jo said...

Beautiful farm!
Alana @

Nancy said...

Peonies, sage, chives -- yep, I got them too! All doing well, only not as far along.

Looks like you have a lovely farm. :)

meemsnyc said...

I love peonies. I planted 7 in my garden within the last year! Perennials are awesome! I didn't know Sage comes back! I have seeds I still have to plant.