"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beware the Farm Manager

One of the many 'joys' of living on a farm is 'happening upon' the 'trophies' Savannah, the Farm Manager, leaves for us. Usually, she likes to leave them along the sidewalk from the back patio to the barn. If we are really lucky, she leaves them right on the patio :/

Sometimes we witness her 'in the act'. At first, I felt bad for the mice she'd catch. Then I started to not feel so bad when I found the holes they were chewing in our walk-in apple cooler, or the poo piles they were leaving in the garage. Or when they'd give me a heart attack popping out from hay bales.

Occasionally, she catches a bird - all I can say is, "Circle of Life, right?" (like last week, when I was woken up in the middle of the night to her screaming outside our bedroom window, only to find 3 [dead] baby birds on the sidewalk in the morning.)

So yesterday, as I was making dinner, I looked out the kitchen window and saw Savannah running up from the orchard. I could tell she had something [hanging from her mouth]. I assumed it was a field mouse. She usually nabs them from under apples trees. Side note.....field mice can kill our apple trees by nawing on the bottom of the trunk :/ As she got closer, I realized something was seriously dangling out of her mouth - ugh. A BABY BUNNY :(

Seriously Savannah? Ok, I know. Circle of Life. But I do.not.need to see this :/ I felt so dang bad for that baby bunny! And of course, when she got to the sidewalk, she drop it and it hopped a few feet away from her. She sat there - stalking it. I felt so bad for it. I had to look away. I had to get the chicken fingers in the oven.

When I looked back out, I didn't see the bunny. Did it get away? Then I noticed her 'stalking' underneath the Lilac bush. Dang, it must have went under there. THEN I noticed 'Garfield', a stray, orange cat that Savannah occasionally let's stop by for some food, coming over. He took command at the feed dish and Savannah stalked them both; Garfield and the bunny. Ain't no one allowed on her turf without her 'ok'!

So, I went on with making dinner, sat down to eat and no sooner do I bite into a chicken finger and I hear a hiss, squeal, scream, hissing and more hissing. I jump up, look out the window (why, seriously, why did I even look?) and I see Garfield now with the baby bunny in HIS mouth and Savannah ready to gouge out his eyeballs. Then, he ran off, with baby bunny in tow. And Savannah went and sat under hubby's truck pouting.

I called Allen to recap everything I had just witnessed. His response "Awww, poor Vanna. She worked hard for that bunny!"


R.I.P. Baby Bunny - and hopefully the rest of your family got a clue and booked a motel at a neighboring farm!

*No photos were included with this post for obvious reasons ;)


Kim said...

We had baby bunnies in the strawberry patch last year. Our dog killed one and I guarded the rest of them for days. Cute bunnies! Then they started eating all my strawberries. Bad bunnies! It's funny how I went from Mother Hen to Mrs. McGregor so quickly!

Unknown said...

My best dog now deceased once caught a baby bunny. She had half skinned it (sorry) and then was playing with it. I finally grabbed a two by four (I think) and hit it dead :(. BUT, she was the best mole killer ever. Circle of life - so true.

Anonymous said...

You poor thing. I can honestly say we've only seen a couple of bunnies around here and usually they're in route to some place more suitable for their needs. Our cats like to chase them off.

Sherry said...

um...... wouldn't want to mess with Savannah....

I'm glad we don't have bunnies running around here so I don't have to worry about them nibbling on my veggies... or seeing it half skinned and having to hit them dead with a 2 by 4.