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Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby Food: Pea Puree

Pea Puree

Peas were the first 'solid' food my baby had. I can't say he was the #1 fan for Peas, but he eats them none the less! The first thing my sitter said to me when she saw them was 'WOW, look at how green they are!', and she is right!

This isn't the best photo of Jarred Baby Food, but you can clearly see the dull, drabby [gag me] color of peas in a jar of store bougt baby food. Hardly stands up in comparison to a jar of homemade baby food, huh!

I can't say for sure, but I think if I was a baby, I'd choose the jar on the right. But that's just me ;)

Did you know that one serving of Peas provides the same amount of Vitamin C as 2 Oranges!! And, if you steam frozen peas, you hold on to a lot more of that Vitamin C than you would if you boiled them.

When I make Pea Puree for the baby, I steam them using the least amount of water possible. I throw a bag of frozen baby peas into the steamer, for I believe about 8-10 minutes. Then, they go into the food processor to puree. You have to make sure you puree them really good, otherwise they are a tad rough, which would be good 'roughage' for an older baby, but if you are trying this out for a first food, you want them to be as smooth as possible!

When you buy a bag of frozen peas (if it isn't the season for them to be purchased fresh), make sure you check the ingredients to be sure they are just frozen peas. I was shocked, but believe it or not, some brands still do add in some other 'things' to a simple bag of frozen peas!


Debi said...

It seems it's always those darn peas the kids don't like. The color is amazing!

Unknown said...

The color is really impressive to the store kind. My mom was a stay at home mom and made all of our baby food - I hope to make some of my own baby food one day when we have a little bundle of joy around here.

katiegirl said...

Yes, I think I'd choose the jar on the right too! And what a lucky little boy to have such a great mom!

meemsnyc said...

Wow, that homemade pea puree looks a thousand times better! I would eat some of that too!