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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seed Ordering - 2012

Is anyone else overwhelmed with the decisions to be made for your 2012 garden?
Could these seed catalogs give us anymore choices?
The tomatos engulf me in anxiety and the melons - ah! How am I suppose to choose just one...or two?

Hubby dug up these Atomic Red Carrots the other day from this past seasons 'failed' carrot patch!

Ok, maybe that is a tad dramatic, but you know what I mean! Try to narrow down the decision on which varieties to grow is a daunting task! I have been asking for suggestions from Facebook friends of the blog, but I want to throw it out here too.

Tell me, what is your favorite food to grow in your garden? Which variety?
I am, in particualr, having a tough time choosing for tomatos, melons and corn. 
Any suggestions for me on your favorite? I am in garden zone 5b.


Mary said...

Ugh. I have the catalogs sitting on my desk now and and I am clueless. I love growing sunburst (cherry size yellow) tomatoes. Those are definitely our family favorites.

We had no luck at all with our corn or melons last year due to planting a month later than we should have. Hoping to get things ordered and into the ground very early this year though!

Rae said...

Ugh. The seed catalogs kill me. I've been going through and trying to only stick to things I KNOW I can grow, as opposed to "ooooh.... THAT would be fun to try!". :) It's a losing battle.

I must have tomatoes. Lots and lots of cherry tomatoes. Lots. Also, beans (purple podded pole beans are awesome), and yellow onions are must haves.

meemsnyc said...

I love growing heirloom tomatoes. My favorites from last year, Jaune Flamme, Chocolate Cherry, Sungolds, and Paul Robeson. So delicious!

Laureli said...

Sorry I can't help with plant ideas for your zone - we're doing indoor gardening to get around that - we're in zone 6b.
Those red Atomic carrots look hot - you might even tempt a kid with something jewel-like like that! Are they red inside too? We bought purple carrots once at the Farmer's Market and they were too bitter to eat... so I'm leery about trying the new things even though they sure look cool.
I wanted to pose an issue with reading the font on your posts- I'm not sure if others are having this problem, but it seems pretty small and the letters seem kind of washed out. I would love to read more but it's really hard.
Beautiful pictures though! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Hi llloura - thanks for visiting. The Atomic red carrots tasted great, not bitter at all, really just like a carrort we're used to eating at the store. And yes, they were red inside too :) I have heard on some of the purple colored veggies, especially after they are cooked, that the purple 'pigmentation' goes away.

Thanks for letting me know about the font. It looks ok on my screen, but I know everyones is different. I will have to mess around with it.