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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Whole Foods Diet - Working on Kicking!

So I have mentioned some things I have already kicked/transitioned over to as I work my family into a Whole Foods 'diet'. (Or is it more appropriate to refer to it as a 'real foods' diet? I have no clue!) Now, to share some of the things I am working on kicking out the door for good! These are at the top of the list!

Refined Sugar
I would love to move to all natural sweeteners in the house, but there are few things hubby uses white sugar for, one being his morning coffee. If I left him some honey to pour in it instead, I am not so sure he'd be appreciative! So, I am working on it. In most of my cooking and my own consumption, I go w/o the refined sugar. I used Maple Syrup and Honey the majority of times in place of sugar. And truthfully, when I do have something with refined sugar in it now, my teeth aren't happy with me and I can taste the difference. I prefer to not have it! I even kicked the flavored creamers habit I had with my coffee. Now I just use a little whole cream; that is a BIG deal for me. I loved those flavored creamers. But you know what? Now that I've kicked them, if I do have coffee with some, it taste TERRIBLE!

Pop is already something I do without. The only time I may have it is at a holiday/family gathering where it is in abundance (and wine is not an option - lol!). My husband, however, thinks that any time he is thirsty, he needs a pop *sigh* -- so transitioning him over on this one is going to be quite the battle and I am not sure I am planning on winning it any time soon either. Though, I will say, we both agree it will be something we won't be giving to the babe as he gets older! (Sorry, Dad! This means you can't either!)

Cold Cereal
Again here, I don't really do all the fruit loops, fruity pebbles and cookie crunches of the cold cereal world, but hubby does. He doesn't eat them too often and it isn't an item he mentions he'd wish we had so this could be fairly easy to cancel out all together. Going along with the breakfast theme, I'll also add that we have 'leggo'ed our Eggo's!' Yep, that is right .. no more Eggo Waffles or boxed pancake mix here. It is all from scratch. And would you believe, pancakes from scratch hold well in the fridge so you can enjoy them for 2 more days?! Really! I take them to work and much on them cold - they are GREAT! And when you make them with whole wheat, they are very filling too.

So, while this list is just a start, I think it is a pretty good start :) Certainly, Hot Cheetos need to go too, but you know what, they kinda don't taste as good anymore either when I do have some!


Susan said...

Allison, a quick reminder that I have a "pancake mix" on the blog that makes a big batch and you can portion it and place in freezer bags to have handy--homemade. It's a great basic mix, but I do like to "doctor" it up with some other flours, or cornmeal, etc., add fruits like blueberries, raspberries,etc., and if you need a chocolate fix, some bittersweet chocolate chips are really great.

Admittedly, I drink diet coke with lime, but the grandchildren know that's bad and they love milk, water, and juice. I'm with you to teach them right from the start. XOXO

meemsnyc said...

Instead of refined sugar, what about Sugar in the Raw? I use this in my coffee and tea. http://www.sugarintheraw.com/

HolleyGarden said...

I'm wrestling with a few of these myself. I have switched to Stevia for my coffee. (One small packet instead of numerous spoonfuls of sugar! - too much Stevia has a strange taste.) And I'm still trying to get rid of the powdered creamers. Maybe I'll give real cream a try. I do buy organic cereals. Not quite as tasty, but it's a good compromise for me. Pop has never been a problem for me. I'd much rather drink lemonade. Love these whole food posts you're doing!

Jen! said...

Landon would tell you that you have to have pop with pizza, it's just a rule! lol

Jenny said...

French toast is also very good leftover. It reheats well, but my favorite way to eat it is leftover, cold, made into a PB&J sandwich. Deli chicken or turkey meat with cheese is pretty good too.

Both pancakes and french toast reheat really well in the toaster (just like eggos).

Mary said...

Psst, pancakes and waffles made from scratch keep fantastically well in the freezer as well as the fridge. You can even pop them straight into the toaster, if you want them to remind you of eggos.