"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Monday, April 2, 2012

Can you guess?

As I was scanning over the house this morning, I noticed a reoccurring 'theme'!

 Certainly this is the dead giveaway!

Have you guessed it?

Yep, it is almost time for the Chicks to arrive! One week from today to be exact!!
I can't believe it! We are planning to keep them in our spare bathroom for the first two weeks while they are so small and the weather is still a tad chilly. We purchased a Rubbermaid container to house them while they are little peeps and wouldn't you know it, the dang container is larger than our spare bath! ha! Well...we can fit it in the bathroom, but there isn't much room to open the door then!

I am excited and nervous, but I am proud of myself. Over the weekend I stopped at another local farm to pick up some beef & eggs and a huge turkey came walking over to greet me. I was about to sh!t myself and then I had to go into the whole story with the farmer about my 'issues' with feathered friends *sigh*. He tells me not to worry, 'Petunia', or whatever the turkey's name was [of course she had a name, why wouldn't she!  Just like that damn goose!] was friendly and that she'd just come sit next to me. I had to clarify that she would just be sitting next to me and not pecking or touching me! LOL And sure enough, she just chilled next to me. Of course during our whole conversation though, I had to keep one eye on 'Petunia' to make sure she wasn't trying to pull one over on me....unlike the hen that I swear I saw walk around the side of my car and then body slam into it! 

Anyways...I think I did great! I even went into his barn that had loose hens & roosters everywhere so I could check out his cute little Jersey steers! I am motivated! I think I can do this...well, I guess I have no choice at this point, anyways!!

So, any last tips or pointers for newbies bringing chicks onto the farm?
How about for a newbie that hyperventilates and wants to pass out from sheer anxiety of being near things with feathers :)


Susan said...

One of my friends in Connecticut raised chickens and let me share in "chick" arrival. Isn't there anything that screams Spring as much as these little yellow balls of fluff! I can't wait for more photos. <3

Mary said...

Good luck with it! Chicks are on our radar, but not for at least three more years. I bet you'll love it!

Camille said...

You will fall in love with them :)

Vanessa said...

They will be so cute! Although I would be scared of the thousand pound horses you constantly care for instead of a little fluff ball.

Bee Girl said...

While they're little, play with them lots. Hold them, hand feed them, snuggle them. Then, do that every single day as they grow up. You'll get used to them and their size won't ever scare you and they'll love and trust you. Win, win.

Unknown said...

Vanessa - LOL, yes, people always say to me that they can't understand how I could be afraid of a 5# chicken and not a 1100# horse!!