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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Farm Yard to Scrap Yard?

I am convinced that the reason why, in my own humble opinion, most homeowners with horses on their property do not have nicely landscaped foliage and maticulous lawns is because they simply don't have the time! I can speak to this first hand. Horses are a lot of work and take up a lot of time....and if you have your horses at home with you becasue you truly enjoy spending every waking moment with them, then the last thing you care about is your landscaping. (And guess what, the horses feel the same way about your flower gardens!)

My mom tells me often that my barn is so clean you could eat off it's floors....my kitchen table, that is another story.

So where I am going with this is, even though Allen and I were lucky enough to find property that already had a lot of nice landscpaing in place, it still takes work to maintain it. And again, my mother always seems to find ways to tell me that we look like hillbillies because maybe a bush has some weeds growing out of it or maybe because I left a bale of molding hay sitting by the lilac bush! *sigh*

So imagine the pit that grew in my stomach when my husband told me this moring that he was going to start bringing scrap home from work! :0

Ekkk - okaaaay. Well, overall, the idea makes sense; bring home scrap that you can then turn into a scrap yard for some extra money. Sounds ok to me :) I told him to put it in his garage [so we wouldn't look like junk yard hillbillies] and he told me he'd set it by the wood pile [Ekkkk]

SO, This is what you need to know about my husbands plan that he doesn't even know yet!
1.) Him putting scrap by his wood pile WILL make us look like a junk yard.
2.) His 'scrap' will start to look like CRAP spewing out into the yard
3.) He will not promptly remove this scrap weekly like he says he will
4.) My mother will probably STROKE when she pulls in the drive and see's a junk yard spewing into her preciously manicured Lilac bushes. [I might to!]

So, Kudos to the hubs for trying to make a few extra bucks, but I am not liking where I think this is going!

On a nicer note, here are 2 pics from the dogs photoshoot over the weekend for the 2011 Kitten Krazy 'Dog Version' Calendar! Alexa did a wonderful job; they all turned out so nice!

Ms. Wednesday Winifred

Mr. Mossy 'wheres my cigar' Oak


Kathy~Sweet Bird Designs said...

Great puppy pics :)
- Kathy

Anonymous said...

The dogs look wonderful!

Unknown said...

Thanks Girls ;) A gal by the name of Alex Hanna took them :) She is starting up a photography company.

Pony Girl said...

I agree with you about the yardwork...I know my sister and her OH have a hard time getting the flower beds weeded, etc. There is always more important things to do....like trail ride, LOL! :)
LOVE the pictures of the dogs! Their colors look really nice especially against the snow!

Kaja said...

Cute dog!

I came here through the Etsy Blogspot-call forum post!