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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Friday, March 25, 2011

False Imaging?

No Wonder some women have a complex after they give birth! I mean, seriously!
There are so many things wrong with this picture I came across while browsing a baby items retailer website! Where do I begin?

First of all, I am sure I can speak for many breastfeeding mothers when I say that I already feel like a milking parlor....why in gods name would I want to be able to attach my equipment to me to be mobile? So I can run the vacuum and do the dishes all while pumping? Seriously? Or maybe so I could fold laundry and get dinner ready? *Pffffft, riggggggggght!*

And when the phone rings, if I can't get to it, then I can't get to it. That is what voicemail is for. Let's be honest...how many women pumping would be standing in a model pose, smiling, while chatting it up on the phone?

And shall we address this woman's figure? Did the manufacturer of this 'item' think that if women saw this picture, they would somehow, subliminally think that they too would have that kind of waist and six-pack shortly after delivering their baby?? C'mon folks! Let's be real. I almost don't want to patronize their products just for the sheer stupidity of their advertising department! Let me a little more realistic shall we?

So back to my first statement in the post - NO WONDER WOMEN GET A COMPLEX! I mean, if I don't look like THAT while pumping, after birthing a child, then what is wrong with me! There must be something wrong with me!


Rachel said...

Wow, you're right...that is so wrong! I mean, I seriously thought it was a joke. Wow.

Samantha said...

wow! That is all I can say! lol