"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gratefully Blessed Gray Hairs

This is Gypsy.

Gypsy is a 26-ish year old Appaloosa Mare. She came to the horse rescue in the summer of 2005. She was one of the first horses I've ever know to truly steal my heart. I even met her before I met my white knight! I learned a lot of the basics with/from Gypsy. I learned to sit my trot on her...which, for those who are reading that have rode Gypsy in the past know, that is no easy feat! She retired from the rescue as an 'educational' horse in the fall of 2008 and came home to live with me. What an honor. I could go on all day about Gypsy. About how sweet her soul is and you can see it as she wears it proudly. She loves the kids, god does she love the kids. She is so patient. Nurturing. She let's you know when she wants some extra TLC because she'll lay her head on your shoulder. And she hates the heat. HATES HATES HATES the heat. And the flies that come with it. She can't stand them. Sometimes she'd rather be in the barn all day, instead of out munching grass, if it means being in front of a fan and less flies.

Last Sunday, Gypsy gave me a heart attack, a stroke, and no less than 9 gray hairs. I won't go into the hour long story, but I found her down in the pasture. I was home alone, it was approx. 500 degrees outside, and the baby was in the house crying inconsolably [which he never does]. So, after 3 hours or so, an emergency vet call, a mad dash from a wonderful friend to be by our side, and hubby grabbing my good bath towels instead of the 'rag' towels*, we got Gypsy back on her feet. And for that, I am ever grateful. I know she is 26. I know she has some arthritis. I know she can't live for ever. Or even long enough [selfish on my part] to be The Babe's 4H partner, but every day she is here with us is one more day I feel blessed.

Gypsy, I love you. We love you.

*Please note hubby truly could have brought me towels hemmed in 24k gold and I would not have care so long as it helped me help Gypsy! I was just sayin'...


Jill said...

What a special friend you have. I'm so thankful she was OK. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of a love between you and Gypsy.

dr momi said...

Poor girl. She's back in front of her fan I hope? She must be something special the way you write about her. ...hope she's doing well.

Rachel said...

Oh how scary. :( Glad she's ok!