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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heirloom Cuc's

I have 3 different heirloom variety Cucumber's growing in the garden this year. One is the Ruby Wallace Old Time White Cuc's -- more on them later.

The other two are pictured below; Parisian Pickling Cuc's and Fin de Meaux Cuc's.
The pen is in there to give you and idea of size since I couldn't find a ruler :) The pen is about 6" long.

So, about these Cuc's.
I ordered them from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

The Fin de Meaux seen here I let grow to long. [Hey! I am learning!] According to the seed packet, I should have picked them at 2" long! They are great for making Cornichon pickles with, but my problem is, I can't harvest enough at one time to get enough to make a batch of Cornichon pickles with them! So, Garden 2012 note - Bigger Patch for Cuc's! Right now I am harvesting enough to make a jar or two of Fridge Pickles so I continue to experiment with those recipes.

The Parisian Pickling Cuc, same thing. I am letting them grow too long I think! I believe that the one on the right was picked at a better size, but it still could have been picked a little smaller. These are a Gherkin type pickle and I envisioned making sweet Gherkin batches with this one, but again, I am not yet harvesting enough to make a full batch. So, fingers crossed, maybe soon, they will just go gang busters!

I think I may try to direct seed more of both here soon and see if I can get a late harvest from them as well.

Has anyone every planted either of these varities? If so, what has your experience with them been like?


HolleyGarden said...

Never planted them, but they look like they'd be wonderful as pickles! Find a recipe that you can make pickles jar by jar, and you won't have to worry about having harvesting a lot at once.

Tami said...

I haven't tried either of these varities either but did try BC Beit Alpha. They recommend picking small too but I've let them get big and they seem fine. What a pain it is trying to get enough to can a batch up. I hear ya!

Jeana said...

I haven't tried to grow any gherkin type cucumbers. I'm just trying out bread and butter recipes and haven't had any that I have been happy with. I would love to know if you have a sweet gherkin recipe that is good.