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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Monday, February 13, 2012

I Have Experience Raising...Horses

I have some confidence in my knowledge of raising a 'being' from birth - one problem...that 'being' is a horse!

Raising a HUMAN 'being' is uncharted territory for me and so every day is a new learning experience.

Circa June 2007, Newborn Colt Sprite with Hubby & I at H.O.P.E. Horse Rescue.

Horse has the runs? No problem, give 'em some Pepto and monitor their bowel movements.
     Child has the runs? Get out the medical dictionary....

Horse is hungry? Must be feeding time. Throw 'em some hay and grain (or whatever their diet consists of)
     Child is hungry? How old is said child? Are they allergic to anything? Are they to young for solids? For food? Are you out of formula? Did they just drain your boob half hour ago?

Horse needs to burn some energy? Turn 'em out in the pasture if going for a ride isn't an option.
     Child needs to burn some energy? Well, I haven't quite reached that milestone yet! He still cannot walk.

Horse needs to move? Cluck to them as you place pressure /guide them where they need to go.
     Child needs to move? Cluck at them and they stare at you in wonder and amazement....

Horse has done something wrong/unacceptable? Reprimand within 3 seconds and give a stern 'eh-eh'.
     Child is grabbing you cat by the back leg/hanging from a bathroom drawer he pulled out/trying to reach the hot water spicket on the water cooler/eating a leaf at the back door/hanging from the dogs collar.... give a stern 'eh-eh' and I *think* he is catching my drift....

Looks like I have a long ways to go, but if my child learns to speak 'horse', I think we might be ok!

Circa March 2011 - Introducing the newborn babe to the horses!

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~Jen said...

lol this comparison needs to go in his baby book ;)