"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Friday, October 9, 2009

Where to begin?

It's another rainy Friday :( Booooo

I have so many thoughts swirling around in my head I don't even know where to being. How relevant it is to anyone is probably that it is not! But at best, it just gives another glimpse into life on the farm.....as if that is so glamorous that people want to read about it anyways, right?! Hey TLC, I heard you stopped filming Jon & Kate + 8....want to do a reality show on 2 newlyweds who are crazy and live on a "farm"?

Yesterday I left work an hour and a half early; I had apple orders for the evening and didn't get even a third of them picked the night before. It's amazing that, even though I left work early, I still didn't get in the house until 7:30-8ish. So, out in the rain I went, picking away. Just as I had finished the orders and was driving through the orchard picking all the full baskets, I see the farrier strolling through chomping on an apple - 'oh shoot', I knew in the back of my head he was coming today! So the extra bushels of firsts that needed picked didn't get done.

Apollo, my Arabian, was more than a handful. Ugh, a little out of character for him; we'd worked so hard at standing nicely for the farrier and yesterday was not one of his better moments. He's probably around 13-14 years old and the farrier said he could pass for 4! UGH. On a brighter note, Gyspy's hooves are looking absolutely wonderful!! I am so pleased at how nice they are looking & hardening up. (I know, non-horsey people have no clue what I am talking about). Romeo was a little bit of a pistol and by the time it was Daisy's turn, I passed the buck off to Allen since she is "his" mule and I had apple customers pulling in the drive! I did shoot a glance at them a couple of times to see her being a little bit of a pill too ;) Was it a full moon or what!?

So today's dilemma is that they are calling for tons of rain and have a flood warning in effect, and we need to pick a lot of apples when we get home. We also need to go to the farmer's market tomorrow and sell a lot of apples!

Problem is, rain dampers both of these AND my husband, in his usual morning furry, starting spouting off all the things that still need done SOON and 'when are we going to have the time to do those if you want to blow half a day at a farmer's market to make $40'? Okay, he is being a tad dramatic about the $40; it has slowed down the past two weeks but I am sure that can be attributed to the ass crap weather we are having and the fact the market was in a different location last week due to a festival.

What he doesn't understand is that even if we don't sell a lot, we need the exposure and redundancy of being their to get people familiar with us and to get our name out there. I guess it is the marketing degree in me ;) And thus far, I do think we are doing well and getting known, but we can't stop here! Besides the fact that we have TONS of apples still to pick! What the heck am I going to do with them? Especially if Allen doesn't get the walk-in cooler running....oh wait, how is he going to have time to do that if we blow half a day at the farmer's market.....and he needs to get the mini's pasture fenced.....and he needs to get winter doors on the mini's barn.....and he needs to fix a broken toilet that has been down since June.....and a dishwasher that has been down since June......and his truck needs oil and all this other jazz if I want it to be able to transport us to these markets.....and now my car needs back brakes ASAP.....and the sprayer still needs cleaned out...and the list just goes on and on!

Enough venting ..... it's Friday right?! That should be reason enough to make it a good day ;)

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