"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall is in the Air!

What better way to feel like fall then have your whole house smelling of cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon!

Last night I made my first batch of pear butter and I must say, I am impressed! It was DELISH!

It took a good 2-some hours for one batch, which gave me (6) pint jars, but it was worth it. The sad part is, I only have maybe a bushel and a half left of pears to make this with and then that's it until next season :( I guess that is the magical part of harvest season; you can buy this stuff at the grocery store sure, but it never taste quite the same as it does when it's homegrown, homemade and fresh from the harvest!

We had someone stop by last evening to pick up his order of 8 seconds bushels of apples. He makes apple butter and he said he'd stop by with a few jars for us when he was done. Nice guy, even left us a tip! When he pulled in the drive, he was in an old beat-up Ford Diesel with a horse and the farm name of something Arabians painted on the doors. I said "Oh, you have Arabians too huh?" and he said in his best hillbilly voice, "No mam I don't, the guy I bought this off of did!". Well ok then!

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