"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All By Myself

I have no new and utterly ridiculous stories that cannot even be made up to tell as of late, so I thought I would do a Flashback Story! Although it has nothing really to do with being a Novice on a Farm, this is a classic and it's better I log it now before I forget the whole thing....which is what I am SURE my husband wishes I would do ;)

It was summer of last year (2008) and Allen and I had only be living in our home a month if that. My family came over Saturday to go to the Lodi Sweet Corn Festival (another story in and of itself) On the way home, as we drove past the house of our Amish neighbors down the road, there were a few Amish men sitting outside around their barn and they waved to us as we passed. I don't quite remember whose idea it was, although I am sure it wasn't Allen's, but it was suggested we go over and talk/introduce ourselves to them. After much peer pressure, Allen reluctantly got into my brother-in-law Jay's truck, I handed them a 6-pack and off they went.

Meanwhile, my sisters, my parents & I did what any mature people would do and hid in my front bushes peering down the road to see what was going on! Then, one of my sisters pulled out her camera, zoomed in, and tried to snap some pics. I vaguely recall someone saying Jay had his shirt off...but I do not remember why that was!!

Eventually, I could not take it anymore so I hiked it down the road, by foot, to join them. Naturally, I was more curious about their barn and the horses in it more than anything....and again, a whole other story for another time ;)

Probably about a hour later, and after Allen & Jay were robbed of their 6-pack, we loaded into the truck and went back to my house.

***Enter next day, Sunday!******

Naturally, Allen was mad at me this day because I was gone the whole day at a fundraiser for the horse rescue. When I finally came home around 6pm, I had to get a whole ear full - ugh. Allen went to lay down in bed and watch tv and I got into the shower. After I finished, I threw on my glasses, a tank top and probably what was too short of shorts with my hair dripping wet....but who cares, I was in my OWN home and just got out of the shower. I then went into the kitchen to get something to drink, and the next thing I know, I hear a knock on the door. Who would be knocking on our door (we'd not even been living there a month) at 7pm on a Sunday night!?

One problem, I wasn't exactly dressed to answer the door and I couldn't go get Allen because I had to walk past the front door (which was wide open for anyone to see right in) to get him. CRAP! So I start doing the whisper yell for him and of course he's DEAF so he doesn't hear me. I finally muster up the courage to go to the door, in my straight-out-of-the-shower get up to see who it is. As I approach, I see an Amish couple and their kids in a wagon standing at the door so I step out onto the porch (mortified at this point as my tank top [mind you no bra on] and short shorts were way inappropriate!) and said 'Hello'!

They just stopped by to say hello and Eli wanted to introduce us to his wife and kids. I had to repeat one of the kids names a few times and I swear they said Cherry but somehow I doubted that was the real name. We made small talk for some time, which was obviously odd for me as I proceeded to ask them things like "What do you do with your cow? Do you like, milk it and then drink the milk!?" and their reply was "Yes!"....with a sarcastic DUH in their tone! Ugh, this wasn't going well.

I proceeded to call out for Allen numerous times and by this point, I was convinced that he was ignoring me because he saw through the window that Amish people were here. HOW RUDE since he invited himself to their place the night before to say hello! How wrong I was though, as the next thing I know, I hear, coming from our bedroom window, which was facing the front of the house where we were standing, a voice that sounded like nails on a chalkboard singing the words "All by MYSELF........ALL BY MYSELF" -- it was Allen's most embarrassing attempt at trying to prove a point that I'd left him all day to go to a fundraiser and now that I was home I was STILL not spending time with him! Oh wooo is him! Little did he know, I was visiting with our Amish neighbors who were, at this point, looking in the direction of the window with an odd expression on their face. I don't even remember what my response was after hearing that, but Eli made some kind of comment to the effect of "He must be having fun in there". UGH

So they eventually left and of course I could not WAIT to run into the house and tell Allen what an A$$ he had made of himself!!! And I am sure, to this day, when I tell this story, he still blushes....and I have yet to hear him try to serenade me again!

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Anonymous said...

OMG that sounds just like something John would do! Ha!