"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All before 7am....

And we welcomed another hectic morning full of chaos today at Apolloson Acres!

Allen had no lunch or lunch money and no clean work shirts - ohh well!

So as I began the morning barn chores, I had to throw more hay to the horses since my husband takes a flake as just that - A FLAKE! I always tell him, 'give them more if it is a small flake', but alas, he still hasn't grasped that concept.

As I went to open a new hay bale, which was baled with wire instead of twine, I rang in the morning with a fresh slice across the palm of my hand from the baling wire. This could be the deal breaker in me purchasing hay from the new hay man....he bales with wire. *sigh* It is all the little things you would think you wouldn't even have to consider ;)

Next I ran around the yard like a mad person looking for the grain bowls.....I swear little gypsy fairies [no relation to 'Queen Gypsy'] come out at night to pick them up and move them around so I have to search for them in the morning!

You would think turning out the horses before I leave for work would create less work in the morning, but somehow, I am not convinced. It seems to always leave me MORE pressed for time! So while Apollo & Gypsy were scarfing down their grain, I ran to the pasture with their hay to spread around... and then ran back up to the water pump to get water for the pasture trough. And yes, all the while I was in my pj's still - why not be comfy, right!?

Next it was lathering up the muzzles with sunblock which Apollo hates with a passion. As I was headed back to the barn to get Gypsy, I saw Allen already had her and was bringing her back. I yelled to him "Did you sunblock her nose?" His response "NO, she won't let me", however, thankfully, he brought the sunblock with him so I could lather her up real quick. I'll give him a brownie point for that one!

And then I realized it was past 7am and I still had to get inside, get myself ready and check on Mama Esme and her litter of 6 kitties before taking the dogs out one last time and getting myself on the road! Allen was beyond late and had to leave.

So it was brought to my attention last night, by my husband, that every animal we have, I brought home! Well, with the exception of Daisy. He takes credit for her *sigh as I roll my eyes!* Including the foster kitties, barn cats that have 'disappeared' and the litter of barn kittens we found new homes for, he tallied 21 animals! Mind you we currently have/see /feed 15 on a regular basis. And yet, he still pleads his case to have chickens! HA!

And so another morning bites the dust, probably literally, at Apolloson Acres!

Here's some recent Pictures from around the farm...


Savannah Barn Cat --just joined us this past weekend

Mossy rounding up a fresh harvest!

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