"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another night bites the dust

So last night we ventured out with our 5 bushels of apples, that all but baked outside all day while we were at work, to deliver them to the Amish couple.

Why were they outside you ask? Because it is cooler at night outside now than it is in our basement AND the large walk-in cooler we have in the second garage is not yet up and running! In any event, I could not find the actual directions I took from this Amish couple on where to find their house :-0 I wouldn't dare divulge that info to Allen so I committed to memory what I thought they told me Saturday and off we went.

Boy did I get lucky. They were the house with the big red barn in back - well NEWS FLASH, all Amish are the house with the big red barn in back! And the cider mill next door was not marked so I didn't have that on my side either. We drove all the way down the road with not a clue as to which house. Since they don't give actual addresses, Allen thought we we're just stumped because I said "they told me house with big red barn" ;) So we decided to turn around and stop at one of them and ask if they knew of who we were looking for. What Allen also didn't know is that I didn't even have a name for them! HA

We opted to pull in...almost....to one house, until we noticed they had apples trees in their yard. So we did the obvious, just pulled into the next Amish house we passed that didn't have apple trees in the yard!

I always love when you pull up and one of two things happen.
a.) a hoard a children rush to the window and peer out at you...I feel like I am in a scene from a Children of the Corn movie.
b.) you stand there feeling like an idiot for what seems like a lifetime before someone finally makes a presence to acknowledge you are in their driveway.

So as I stood there, experiencing option 'b', a plump lady with a bonnet finally jumped around the corner of the house and said "HEY!" - WHAT LUCK, it was the couple we were trying to find in the first place ;) Dang, I am good!

So they tried to hassle with us on a price we already set - nothing new - then we went home to a butt load of chores and a few trees to pick, then before I knew it, the time was 9:30-ish, I was eating Ramen and getting ready for bed.

And another night bites the dust.......

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