"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Friday, November 6, 2009

Being Resourceful

So, I call this blog "How I am Resourceful!"

Today I was 30 minutes late in getting home due to a chiro appt after work. Usually not a huge deal, however, Allen was also running VERY late and with daylight savings (boo), by the time i did get home, it was pitch black out! UGH

So I hurry in, get Whinny and take her out to piddle ;) Then I go grab Mossy to do the same thing. THEN, I go to hurry back inside so I can feed them, change and then get them back out to do their other business and then I can get started on the horses.

WELL - I cannot follow the routine when the DOOR LOCKS on me! WTF? Like I really needed this. The sliding door some how managed to lock behind Mossy & I when we went out. I don't think I can give Whinny the credit as it wasn't the latch by the handle, but the stop you have to PRESS into the track-kind-of-lock!!!

So there is Whinny, on the inside, flipping out because she is hungry and we're outside. I go to the front to see if I perhaps left the front door open when I came home - NOPE. I check the 'fake rock' to see if by chance our spare key is in it - NOPE. Why would we do something like that!!?? And my cell was sitting inside on the counter so I had no way of calling Allen to ask how long until he got home.

So, there I am, myself having to 'piddle' badly, Whinny having a fit, Mossy being an ass, the weather cold and dark and the horses all screaming at me that they want to eat too. Oh yeah, and the cats! UGHHHHHHHHH

Soooo, Mossy and I went for his walk. Then I tied him up after a brief encounter with the STUPID chow next door - UGH - why can that dog NOT stay in it's own damn yard!! Thankfully, no drama this time other than my arm getting tugged out of the socket.

So anyways, I tie Mossy up and dig through all the pockets of coats hanging in the barn, for a tissue, then scoot past Apollo and retreat to the corner of his stall to relieve myself. YES, I pee'd in the stall - so what, get over it! Then, I began cleaning my stalls, in my dress clothes, for the next 45 minutes until Allen got home.

Where's the wine?

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