"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Sunday, May 30, 2010

All by 7:15am

Well, it's more like 7:31 right now, but when I finally poured my morning cup 'o steaming hot joe, it was 7:15am....and then I thought back to all the things I had already accomplished since I had woke up!

Fed & water 4 horses (ok, so 2 horses, a pony and a mini mule!)

Fed Maggie (indoor cat)

Fed & Supervised the feeding of mama and her 3 kitties. One of the kitties has some territorial issues when eating so I have been setting him off to the side with his own plate. I know, a 3 month old kitten with aggression when eating....who would have thought!

Then, I swept their room up, changed out all newspapered areas and moved on to the BLEACHING of the litter boxes. I bleached their two and Maggie's main one. Maggie gets this done once a month and these little, dirty gremlins have theirs done about every week!

Let me just say there is nothing glamorous about cleaning litter boxes, let alone full out stripping them and bleaching them. *BLEEECH* I will pick up the manure turd that fell over the side of my wheelbarrow ANY DAY over messing with kitty litter and the boxes. Yes, with bare hands.

So, now I finally have my coffee and I am going to sit here and enjoy it for what I hope is at least a whole five minutes.....then the horses need to get out to stretch their legs before it gets too sweltering outside. They are calling for mid-90's today and we have no shade in our pastures right now :/

And, in T-5.5ish hours, all our picnic guest will probably start arriving.....and I still have a bathroom and a kitchen to clean....and a cake to ice.....

I snapped this pic of the neighbors pond yesterday morning.

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suzanne said...

Hi there Allison

Lovely photo..I agree kitty poop just ain't fun hey~ My BIG kitty has taken a liking to my Noodles puppy pellets..As a result, I had to pick up one huge Vommit last night...YUCK. I hope you had a lovely picnic. I would just love to do that over looking your lovely garden. Enjoy your coffee~ I am coffee-less of late due to my raw food eating. Heck I miss it! quiet a lot actually....

Happy week to you and your brood
Warm regards