"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Me, A Mutt & A Couch

Whinny has sure had a whirl wind 48 hours. And so have I. And Allen. And Mossy is just confused why I am not in bed to snuggle with him. And why his sister isn't trying to beat him up!
Two evenings ago, we woke up in the middle of the night to the lovely smell of poo :/ Yes, that is right, poo. Seems Whinny got a tummy ache and couldn't help herself. Next thing I know, I find another pile puddle of poo :/ UGH Clearly she wasn't feeling well. I guess I hoped by the time we got home from work, she'd have slept it off. I was wrong!

Allen got home and found that Whinny had messed her whole cage up :( Poor Whinny.....she NEVER does that. Now we know something was wrong. When I got home, I gave her some Pepto Bismal hoping that would help. No such luck. I spent the evening with her on the couch and we were up every other hour or so going potty outside. [I'll spare further details] Allen decided to stay home from work so he could take her to the vet. (And he had to collect the stool sample!!! I will spare you the details)

After the vet, I spoke with Allen, hung up with him and then called the vet myself. If I was supposed to understand any of the jibberish Allen relayed, then I guess I can decode the speakings of a toddler. Okay - so it was more like "Yeah, she has bacteria, she got shots and she has some pills and food to be on"............UH OK!? That is all you can tell me!! So, after speaking with the vet, it seems she somehow managed to get some kind of nasty bacteria in her tummy. How and from what, WHO KNOWS! She also is running a fever. The vet gave her 2 shots to jump start antibiotics and whatever it is to help her with her *ah-hem* diaherra. She has special, prescription canned food to eat for the next day and a half and horse sized pills we have to entice her to take!

And the best part is, while waiting for the medicine to kick in, she still had the runs. So what does my smart, lovely husband do? Put her in her crate with her FRESHLY WASHED blankies to 'rest' while he mows the lawn. {Rather than let her be outside with him] What do you think I came home to? YEP! Freshly soiled blankies in her crate!! I swear, sometimes I could just .....well, whatever, anyways!

We are back on the couch tonight. Just taking proper precautions! And here she rests. Her she has been resting since 6:30ish this evening ;)

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