"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dramatic Flare-Up

I believe my husbands 'dramatic flare-ups' to probably be just as annoying as a flare-up of athlete's foot. NOW, I am not speaking from experience, but I can IMAGINE that athlete's foot is just as annoying ;) [Just wanted to clear the air on that one!]

We are hosting Memorial Day at our place this coming weekend, as we have for the past two years since we moved to the farm. My husbands dramatic flare-ups have been almost non-existent so I guess he was due! And what better reason for one to come on then having company this weekend and having 9 million things to accomplish before that. I still say the 5-day work week changes to a 2-day work week so we can accomplish things we want to do!!

So, in the middle of his tantrum flare-up yesterday, these are just some of the things he decided needed done NOW!
  • Broken toilet needs replaced (It's been broke for a year! We have another one! Toilets are $$)
  • Dishwasher needs replaced (It's been broke for almost a year! And I can make do without. Dishwashers are $$)
  • Microwave is broken and needs replaced (really? for a party we NEED a microwave? I have one in the basement that works and can get plugged in for a day if that is the case!)
  • Sink in bathroom with broken toilet needs taken apart to find a clog that drain-o cannot fix.
  • Sink in bathroom with working toilet needs looked at. Water is barely coming out of faucet.
  • Ceiling in bathroom with working toilet needs re-done because there is a finger sized hole....or two....in it from me! Whoops!
  • Cistern needs fixed (but it does still work, fyi)
  • Something in one of the septic something or anothers needs fixed (but it does still work, fyi)
  • Mini's pasture fencing needs put up
  • Grass needs cut (BTW, I did a huge chuck of it with the PUSH mower last night! ;)
  • Garage needs cleaned
  • Grill needs cleaned
  • We need to pick up another propane tank for the grill
  • 4-Wheeler needs an oil change because it's been 5 years. (Umm, we have only lived in this house, poor, for 2! What were you doing the other 3 years??)
  • Tractor has all kinds of issues and needs serviced (but it will cost us $300 to get it to the dealer :/ Oy Vey)
  • His truck needs an oil change
  • My car is falling apart
  • The front garage (Which no one will even SEE) needs cleaned out
  • More veggies still need planted (mind you, he said he wants another garden....and then blames me that his second one isn't bigger because I told him it was big enough when he was digging it)
  • All his hard work with his pepper plants is a wasted because HE chose to plant them to close and to close to bordering tomato's and now the tomato plants are going to shade the pepper plants and it will all be a waste! (SIGH, can you hear the drama flare -up?!)
  • I now need to build trellises so my tomato plants can grow up and not hinder the peppers and my idea is better than what you just suggested. Your idea is too much work. (ok, whatever!)
  • Laundry is piled high in the basement from just TWO people. (Ummm, I do laundry. You want to start with that, and it can become YOUR chore!)

I am sure I could go on, but I am already getting worn out again just reliving this for this blog post. So you see....I have said it before, my husband has a flare for the dramatics. Nothing can be taken in stride with him. EVERYTHING has to become an huge issue. I wonder if there is a pharmaceutical company out there working on a pill for this? If so, I'd like to nominate him to be a test for them ;) He won't take it willingly, but I already decided I can crush the pill and sprinkle it on the sandwiches I make him for lunch - would that be ok? Did I really just admit that out loud!? Telling him "Welcome to being a homeowner" and "Welcome to living on a farm" just doesn't seem to cut it!


Emily on the Southern Prairie said...

Sounds like a day to pick apples from the orchard ... and turn them into vodka. That can be done, right? :)

Unknown said...

hahaha! Yep....but too bad they aren't even close to being ready to pick yet! Although.....maybe there are some fermenting in the basement?

emily on the southern prairie said...

there you go!