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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Dilemma

So I am pretty sure we are having a boy; I just *know*. It is my gut feeling. I am not quite sure what my husband thinks, but I do know one thing, we are in trouble. We cannot, cannot agree on a boy name!

My husband would like to name a boy 'Allen', after him naturally. I have gotten him away from making the poor child an 'Allen the III' - oy! But he would still like to name a boy Allen with the middle name of Glenn - after his grandfather. I get that; I dig it .... Glenn....there is meaning there and a perfect middle name! After all, our girl name uses the middle name of June, which was my grandmothers middle name also.

But I am NOT digging 'Allen'.
Few reasons:
  • I just don't want to name my kid Allen, ok! I yell that name enough, don't make me have to double up on how much I yell it ;)
  • We have two Allen's already.....My husband and his dad.....and two nephews with the middle name of Allen. Give my kid his own identity please! This isn't 1880 - we all don't need the same name! Gesh!
  • Did I mention I just don't want to name my kid Allen!?

Ok, I digress. So anyways, hubby said to me the other night, in total seriousness, that he thinks one I give birth, I will look at the child, then at him and tell him to go ahead and name 'him'. I never FLAT OUT laughed so hard in my life!! And I responded, while laughing, by saying, 'Well, thank you for letting me know. I will save you the disappointment and tell you now that will NOT happen!'

And so, our name search continues...........


Beth said...

I completely understand! We had a similar issue with the name Walter...we already have enough Walters, and while I love the Walts & Walters in our family...I hate that name. So, I named our son Christian Joseph! Hmmmph!

I say, you go girl...find his own name and stick with it! xoxo Beth

Laureli said...

Aww, this can be a big deal and I know it's hard to agree on but how about a further compromise? How about using hubby's middle name rather than his first name- or how about a combination like "Scott-Alan".
You have a valid point to not wanting to repeat the same name all the time- and his reasons are pretty rustic but definitely emotion-based and important to him.
What I mean to say, is there are definitely options out there!!
Good luck!

Unknown said...

illoura: I completely agree. I have told him we can use Allen as a middle name, or Glen (which was his grandfather), whichever he prefers :)

Unknown said...

Everyone - even people in Paris - told me I was having a boy. My cousin even said my ultra sound showed that I was having a boy - this was three days before I was due. She has three boys - I was devastated. Not that I was having a boy - but that everyone was telling me it was a boy - and then the ultra sound comment. I cried for three days as she had ruined my biggest surprise ever. Then, Lily was born. My sweet little girl - not a boy at all! Stupid cousin and her know it all ways! She clearly knows nothing.
I will give no input to names - as it's so personal and everyone has an opinion or uncle they hated with the name you like..
Wait till you see his or her face - then decide.