"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Locked in the Corn Crib - A Halloween Tale

Once upon a time, it was 6am on All Hallow's Eve. A [5 month prego] farm gal got up to feed her horses. Her husband was gone hunting but had everything ready for her so she need not have to lift hay out from the corn crib!
Exhibit A: The Corn Crib where hay is stored. Romeo's stall is to the left of it.
The Farm Gal went about feeding, in the dark, with a brisk chill in the air. She may or may not have been in her 'hole-y' yoga pj pants. All the horses were hayed, water and grained. Upon doing one more check before heading back inside the farm house, the Farm Gal noticed that Romeo, the pony with the buck teeth, wasn't much enjoying his hay. She decided it was too coarse for him and headed to the hay storage to find a softer bale for him to much on.
Exhibit B: Entrance to the corn crib - much less scary in daylight!
The Farm Gal entered the corn crib with the help of a light from a motion sensored & timed light. As she was yanking down a soft hay bale she discovered at the top of the pile, she heard the wind howl, turned around, and saw the door to the corn crib slam shut. Shit Shout!!

And then, the motion timed light went out. Farm Gal started pulling on the wood slats that make up the door to see if any were loose. Then she could pull one of and get her hand through to open the latch. No such luck.

Exhibit C: Loosened slat on door from Farm Gal pulling to try and save her life!

It's now 6-something in the morning and Farm Gal is stuck in a dark corn crib filled with hay (and lord only knows what other kind of varmints), no cell phone, no one else home to help her out, dogs loose in the house and no way out.

WAIT! She had a small pair of grooming scissors on her that she planned to use to cut open the hay bale. They were small, but maybe the could reach to the latch to pop it open for her.....seeing as pulling on wood and frantically throwing your pregnant self at the door doesn't do much!

Exhibit D: The Latch!

After 15 minutes or so of trying every which way to reach the scissors to the latch and pop it open, nothing was working. Finally, but the grace of the witches that fly past the Hallow's Eve moon ;), something triggered the motion sensor on the light! LET THERE BE LIGHT....for a minute or two, at least! She managed to get the handle of the scissors around the end of the latch and popped it open. SHE WAS FREE!

Exhibit E: Where Farm Gal was stuck....but it was pitch dark :)

So you see, if Farm Gal had no other choice but to wait until noon or so, when her husband was to be home, at least she hay a warm place to sleep...in the hay.

Exhibit F: From the inside looking out.....but in the daylight!

Happy Halloween Everyone!
This Farm Gal's day sure started out quite Spooktacular!

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SouffleBombay said...

OMGosh, what a tale! Glad you made it out and can laugh about it now!!!