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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Looking for inspiration....

I am trying to pick colors for our nursery. I am not an interior decorator. I hate making decisions about decorating! If I see something I am don't think right away "that's it", then I don't like it!

So, we have no 'theme' for our nursery! I just want to pick some colors and we'll go from there! I finally decided, or so I thought, I'd do some kind of sage-y green color and find a chocolate colored floor rug since the floor in the nursery is a wood floor. So, we went this evening to look at colors and I found something I really liked, which was no where close to a green!

We bought a sample, got it home, and put some on the wall. I am not sure how I feel about it now. I think it is awful close in color to what I have the hallway painted in. But, we'll see when I add on the second coat.

The trim in the room is white and we cannot really afford to replace it, though I really despise the white trim! So I am hoping to find a color that will look nice with the white trim, or find a color that I can mesh with the trim if I were to paint that as well.

I want something different than your usual nursery colors and I am not finding much inspriation as I look online. I like warm, earthy tones and bold, bright tones. I am not into cold and pastel tones.

So, help me! Give me your ideas for a nursery design or colors. Or send me the places you look when you need inspiration for decorating a room in your home. PLEASE!

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Diana said...

Allison, paint decisions are soooo hard. I always start with something to match. For my new room I started with a rug.
I think it is easier to do this than trying to match fabric ect to a paint color already choosen.
I have a friend that is a designer to keep me from going astray. :)
This is her website. http://www.dkbergdesigns.com/