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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


UGH - because I am affiliated with a horse rescue, and I am listed as the contact for horses in need of a home, I get calls, DAILY, seriously DAILY folks. Calls for horses that have no home, are unwanted or soon to be in one of these situations.

PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, if you are one of those IDIOTS (yes, you are an idiot) out there breeding horses, dogs, cats...WHATEVER...just to breed or to make a buck, PLEASE STOP!!!

There are SO MANY animals out there w/o homes. If you want to add an animal to your family, please choose to adopt from a shelter or rescue.

If you could hear the daily voice mails I get for horses that need a place to go, you'd be sick to your stomach. And if you aren't, there is something seriously wrong with you. Today alone I received a call for 8, COUNT THEM 8, Thoroughbreds that need homes. God Damn!!! C'mon! And the kicker for this call, the lady who has them was housing them as a favor to the owner because he had a barn fire....over a year ago...and has never come back for them!

I could go on and on all day about the sad stories I listen to daily on my voicemail for horses needing homes. Even though I am affiliated with a horse rescue, I do get calls too sometimes for dogs and cats. They are all sad and heart wrenching. I could go on for days on this soap box of mine, but back to my point...STOP BREEDING! It certainly won't cure this problem of unwanted animals, but it surely can start to curb it.

All my animals are rescues...horse, dogs, cat and even barn cat ;) This picture below is of Romeo when he came into the rescue. [He now lives on my farm] He was brought to the rescue by a couple who found him tied to a tree, starving and with no food or water...in the HOT summer. Can you see his hip bones, spine and ribs in this pic; he was so skinny it was awful. My hat goes off to the jerk who decided he didn't want him anymore and tied him to a tree, leaving him to starve to death.

This picture below is of Scarlett, and her filly Silk in the background. Oh yeah, and she is already in foal (pregnant) again in this picture. You would never assume because she was a BAG OF BONES and still nursing her one month old filly, but yep, she was already pregnant again. We rescued her from a auction where the fate of her, her filly and her unborn foal was most certainly a slaugher house. SOME IDIOT decided they didn't want her after they bred her, let her foal Silk and then REBRED her (Why? SERIOUSLY WHY did you rebreed her only to ship her off in a month?) and then a month later shipped her to auction. A$$HOLES! And yes, that is the auction tag number on Scarlett's rear that they slap on with glue. Nice huh!

There are 9 gazillion pics I could show you. I just use these two as examples. Animals do not deserve this!! STOP BREEDING!! There are way too many unwanted animals already out there.

(*I am happy to report that Scarlett, Silk and the foal Scarlett was carrying who is now known as Sprite, all have wonderful loving homes today...but it doesn't always end that way)


Samantha said...

I totally agree with you! I don't like breeders! When we are ready for a dog we plan on going to our local NOAH shelter or our local grey hound rescue to get one or two :) Thankyou for your passion!

Unknown said...

Samantha - Thank you for your comment, for your passion and for you understanding of animals in need. And good luck to you when you set out to rescue your own family members :) You won't regret it!

Diana said...

Good for you Allison! This needs to be said over and over. It so sad to see this.
It floors me when people suggest I breed my mare.
My theory is if your not planning on eating them don't breed them.

Unknown said...

Good for you Diana for saying NO to breeding your mare! It floors me the reasons people cannot keep a horse, yet they call me and tell me she is good to be bred! UGH .. because that is what we need is ONE MORE horse that their will be no home for.

meemsnyc said...

It breaks my heart. People are idiots. All of my pets are rescues also. Dante our siamese cat was all bones when we got him. And to this day, he is still skittish because I think his last owner used to beat him. People are cruel.

Unknown said...

meemsnyc - Dante is one lucky kitty now I am sure. We have some issues with each of our animals that you can clearly tell are the work of an idiotic previous owner. It's so sad. But at least animals forgive! And allow someone else to love them again!

suzanne said...

Hello Allison~!

My Goodness this is shocking~! unfortunately the World over. These poor angels cannot speak for themselves and rely heavily on humans. So, So sad. I support your words...I send love to all those animals you come in contact with. Alison you are looking so so cool! Your baby is growing beautifully! I love your hat and adore your Christmas tree..

Stay well my friend and try not to stress to much. I look forward to hearing more news about your pregnancy.

Love to you

Unknown said...

Thank you Suzanne! Your support means a lot to me :) And I put that picture on there just for you :)

Art and Sew Forth said...

What a wonderful woman you are! We have had many rescues, from mini horses to cats, dogs, and currently guinea pigs. I so agree with you. Breeding is so unnecessary. I have LOVED every rescue and cannot believe a purebred could be any better. Thank you for caring.
Patty from
beyond_5 twitter

Amy said...

You are correct, people breed their animals with no thought of responsibility. I have two dogs that were abandoned by their previous owners when the owners decided to move and left them in an empty house. The shelter thought they were about 3-4 months old when they were left alone in the house. A neighbor turned them into the local shelter when she realized that there were two dogs trying to survive in the empty house next door. They turned four last month and to this day, they are very skittish with strangers. They bark at people they do not know because they were not socialized when they were puppies.

I tip my hat off to you for being in the rescue business, I don't think I could handle all of the sad stories.