"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Friday, November 5, 2010

Dull Moments in Country Life

The title of this blog post is dripping with sarcasm. Here are just a few examples why. All of the following events took place within the last 2.5 hours. Can't a gal catch a break!?

  1. As I was tending to the fire (in the fireplace) and getting ready to start dinner, I looked out the front window and across the road in the cornfield, caught a glimpse off a butt on the run with a dark, black tail swinging in the air. I know that 'butt' look anywhere....and thank goodness, it wasn't one of mine [for once]! It was the neighbors lonely horse who frequents breaking out of his pasture more often than not to come visit my kids. Only this time, he booked it across the road, took out a mailbox and flew over a ditch...and then there I saw him sprinting through the cornfield. So of course, I threw on my boots, coat and hat, ran out to the barn where hubby was shoveling poo and yelled to him to throw me a halter and lead; The horse next door was loose and I was going to catch him. So there I went, prego belly an all (too much of a familiar scene any more, I tell ya!) and went sprinting through yards and down the road, over the ditch and into the cornfield. Hubby wasn't far behind and we both stopped, dumb-founded, at the large buck in the middle of the cornfield. "No, I swear I saw the horse"....and then there he went, right through chicken wire fencing covered in brush and into a neighbors yard. *yikes* I could just hear his skin tearing on his legs as he went through that. So, the owner did come running eventually, after Allen yelled out to him that his horse was loose, and we caught 'Partner'. All is ok now...this is a normal activity 'round these parts I suppose! I just can't wait to tell my child how many times it chased after loose horses (and a donkey) before it was even able to walk!
  2. I was finally settling in down in front of the fireplace with my laptop and HOWLS were screaming in through the chimney. What.The.Heck? I open the front door and all I could hear was RAVAGE howling. I instantly became concerned and upset; it wasn't from too far and I was concerned a dog was in distress -- maybe entangled with a coyote? It was so loud (still is, actually) that my dogs were pacing and freaking out, looking out the front window. I went out to get my husband, who was in his man-garage with a friend, and asked him to come listen. I told him something was seriously wrong and we might need to go help this poor animal. His friend knew the sounds right away [thank goodness] -- Coon Hunters and their Dogs -- WHEW. So at least I knew the howling was a positive thing, not a dog in distress ;)
  3. As I settled back in and started reading through my daily list of blogs, I came to one written by a lady who does cat rescue, House of the Discarded. I clicked on the first video she had posted. It was taken in a 'cat shelter' and within not even 2 seconds of me playing this video, with all the cats crying and moaning on it, my cat came whirling out of nowhere, claws out and fangs barred, screaming at me. She jumped onto my laptop, clawed me, I jumped up, dropped the laptop, and then instantly became entangled in a mess of one hot mess of a cat and two dogs, getting the snot clawed out of them for reason unknown to them.

Ahhh yes, dull moments in the country! Isn't this what life is all about ;)


meemsnyc said...

Wow, what an exciting day you had!

suzanne said...

Dear Allison

So happy to hear the joys of a country life. I would just love to come spend a couple of days...You had me laughing with the ol butt in the air. My children would feast on your grounds and love to play and ride your horses.

A very lucky you to be living in the country. My big large cat(not fat just a huge cat) is loosing memory. I can feed him and with in seconds of eating call out for more food that just happends to be on the plate not a meter from him. Funny boy..I love him .

A happy Sunday my friend to you. I hope to see photo's of your tummy soon..

Love to you

Anonymous said...

Can coon hunting ever be a positive thing? :(