"Gypsy gold does not chink and glitter. It gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."

~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hay Day

Sunday was 'Hay Day'. We had to go pick up another load of hay. 30 bales last us approx. 30 days -- so, in short, not too long ;) And now that winter is coming, I usually give the horses extra hay to help them stay warm. We get hay from a nice guy who just so happens to be my 5th grade teacher! (Have I mentioned this!?) When I was in his 5th grade class, horse crazy then too, he hooked me up with his neighbor who had horses. I used to go to her place to ride and groom and do whatever needed done with the horses and I loved every second of it. Back then, he only had pigs and "1 mean mare I wouldn't want to meet!" is what he'd tell me!

Today, he has no pigs or cows, just a donkey and an ornery draft mare and all kinds of hens and guineas. He farm is BEA-U-TIFUL! This pic above is of the donkey and draft in the pasture and the new addition to his sugar shack! He taps the maple trees on his property and makes his own maple syrup!

So anyways, back to the task at hand - Hay. It is my LEAST FAVORITE EVER barn chore! Probably because it is the only barn chore that, to me, is a chore! But now that I am prego, I get out of it! I just hang out with my camera, snap pics of hubby doing hard, hay labor, and visit with Farmer Bob's horses. (I still call him Mr. S, just like I did in 5th grade even though he insists I call him Farmer Bob now!)

Here is hubby counting his bales. We can fit 30 in the trusty old Dodge, but since we're trying to stock up some, hubby decided to shoot for 50.

I think we were at about 40 here. I stopped counting. It was boring. I went to call Lewis, the donkey, in from the pasture :)

Opps, sorry hon! I was counting, I swear!

49 bales it is. If he would have stacked like I told him, we could have fit 55 ;) Just saying....

I love Farmer Bob's Farm! So serene. So peaceful. So farm-y!

Here is Lewis. He roams the farm at free will! He can go wherever he wants! I think he wanted to come home with me....until I told him about my mini hinny (donkey), Daisy! He said he'd pick his battle and stay with the ornery draft!

And here is the ornery draft, Jay! Isn't she beautiful! Mr. S rescued her mom from a PMU farm, while in foal with her. Unfortunately, her mom passed shortly after giving birth :( So, now, at 5 years old, Farmer Bob IS Jay's mom. And you'd know it as soon as you meet her! She is very particualr and doesn't let many do much to her, except for him :)

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