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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chive Blossom Vinegar

I originally learned about Chive Blossom Vinegar from Marisa at Food in Jars! And this season, I finally remembered to make some. It is bittersweet because I think the blossoms look so pretty on the chive plant and they only last so long.

To make Chive Blossom Vinegar, you just cut the blossoms of the chive and stuff them in a Mason jar!

These grubby little chunky hands just couldn't keep away from my chive blossoms! 

Quality Control - right?

Once you stuff your jar full of blossoms, cover them with vinegar, cap the jar and let them sit in a dark spot for a week or two. As I seem to understand, any vinegar works, but I just used white vinegar.  It turns a pretty purple. I bet a champagne or white wine vinegar would work well too. I will let you know the verdict on taste in a few weeks. I plan to use it for salad dressings , marinades and in Asian dishes that call for a splash of vinegar!

Have you  made Chive Vinegar before? What have you used it for?

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Vanessa said...

This is my first year to try to make it also. I made mine a few days ago and it is starting to turn pink!

Rae said...

I haven't made it before, but I'm tempted! Our chives are blooming like crazy right now. May need to try this out. :)

~TastyTravels~ said...

Great minds must think alike. I just made some chive blossom vinegar yesterday. I was going to post when I had some pretty purple vinegar to show. I can't wait to see how you use your vinegar.

Mary said...

I've never even heard of it before. I'm putting it on my list to try next year. Thanks! Do you have any idea what kind of flavor to expect?

Unknown said...

Hi Mary:

My guess is a mellow onion-y taste -- but I will let you know for sure once I dip into it!

Amy said...

Thanks for the recipe! I just made some since I had to move my chive plant and was afraid I'd lose all the blooms. Can't wait to see how it turns out!