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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Coop Remodel

Our farm had a 'semi-dilapitated' poultry-of-some-sort coop in place when we moved in 4 years ago. We have heard stories from neighbors that all kinds of things from chickens to pigeons have been housed here.

So this past weekend, hubby got to work on fixing it our for our ladies since I want them out of our spare bathroom ASAP :) In the process of discussing the 'remodel', we also discussed how an outdoor brooder can be set up in the coop barn to accomodate any future chicks welcomed here on the farm - thus not to share my spare bathroom with poultry any more.

The coop is housed at one end of a metal barn type of structure. In the past we've used it for hay storage, atv storage and anything else that was homeless :)

View from inside the coop -- you can see it's pretty nasty!

Hubby raked out the old nasty dirt and bedding and then he and our niece and nephew shoveled it into the tractor to be disposed of.

Hubby assiting our niece off the tractor.

He then had to elevate the ground and fix some of the foundation as their were gaps making it way to easy for a hungry coon to stop by for a snack. Once he took care of that, he brought in fresh dirt and filled the coop floor, tamping it all down. We'll lay down shavings for bedding before the ladies move in.

Shamless Child Labor

He's been busy ever since working on additional renovations, such a a skylight :) Stay tuned for more Coop Updates.


Unknown said...

LOl I am sure you are goin to be happy to get those lil ladies out of the spare bath. Thanks for showing the pics of the remodel of their coop - I cant wait to see the end result!

Thank you for stopping by and saying sweet things about my treatments :)

Susan said...

Your ladies are going to be so spoiled with their new digs! I'm so jealous of all the fresh eggs you will be getting. XOXO

Bee Girl said...

Wow! So much space! Oh, it's going to be glorious to get those babies out into their new home!!!