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Friday, June 1, 2012

Link Loitering: JUNE 1 !

Very interesting chart on Milk Comparisons - another reason why I think it is ridiculous that raw milk is illegal in my state. *sigh*

Really?? Cocoa Puffs and Oatmeal from Burger King are healthy foods for kids, providing sufficent amounts of whole grains for them?! Maybe now I have seen it all *oy!* You know I could have a field day tearing up that pdf link from the BBB!!

Great graphic!

GMO Apples coming to a store near you - ugh.

And speaking of GMO's - this totally pisses me off. Anything with the words Monsanto and FDA are bound to raise my blood pressure. What.a.joke.

And this is why we joined a CSA to get pastured chicken. Here is another article on the same topic. And it is also why I chalk up the extra bucks to buy the organic feed for our hens!

Speaking of Chickens - I found this video this week and LOVE it. 


Tami said...

Good video. I've always said that this modern life we live in a just a "Sales Job". 24-7 Sales. Whatever it takes to get your dollar they'll do. You can't believe anything you're told. The only truth that's out there is the truth of what you've done with your own two hands.

Regarding Monsanto...Are you suprised? The funny thing is they'll likely "fine" Monsanto (so the govmt can get some money out of it) but who fines the govmt? How are they punished?

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."


Bee Girl said...

Great links this week! I am more and more disgusted by our food systems every day. Thanks for continuing to spread the word about what's really happening out there!