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~ Saying of the Gladdagh Gypsies of Galway

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mossy's 'Meet & Greet'

These photos are from Saturday, when the chickens were almost 8 weeks old, and when I almost had a stroke! Quite the elusive little ladies, no one was interested in a photo shoot.

It was time to walk the dogs and they were rather anxious about it. 
Since I didn't feel like wrangling them to get out the door [yes, they are bad dogs! I take full accountability], I opened it to let Mossy run out to my husband. 

Err...bad idea. I also forgot the chickens were out loose in the yard :/

Jay if you are reading, they love to roost on your 4-Wheeler ;)

One minute everything was fine, the next minute, Mossy is b-lining it to the coop where all the ladies had already ran for cover. And into the coop barn he darted, with hubby running after him yelling things like "MOSSSSYYYYY" and "THERE GOES MY CHICKENS!!!!"

I stood, as did the little man, in a dumbfounded horror. I was sick to my stomach. 
Shit. Now we were going to have to put one out of its misery because of a careless mistake on my behalf. Damn. I felt so bad.

Next thing I know, Mossy comes running out of the barn with a mouth full of feathers. *gulp*
Hubby is in the barn, assess his ladies. Mossy's been thrown back into the house with a stern NO - as if that helps! I am slowly creeping towards the barn with the little man in tow!

I call out and ask hubby if they are all ok. He doesn't know, he is still checking them. But at least that means no one has been blatantly slaughtered. Whew...

After a thorough checking, we determined everyone was safe and simply shook up. It was hard to even tell who shed the massacre of feathers!

So, this will be harder than I had expected trying to create a harmonious barnyard where everyone can enjoy it together. I already know Savannah is going to be a challenge. I wasn't expecting it from Mossy - but then again, I guess I should have.

They have all had 'supervised' visits with the chickens. Clearly, we need to do more.
Anyone out there have any suggestions on how to get your dogs, barn cat and chickens to live harmoniously together?

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Susan said...

Sometimes our expectations of everyone playing nice, just doesn't happen...just like with humans! But, we seem to adjust and strive for that harmony;-D XOXO